Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fried, with bacon.....

We had a bunch of lovely green tomatoes left in the garden last week and I just can't let little buggers go unused.  I was inspired by this fried green tomato BLT recipe over at Tasty Kitchen.  Now, no big deal~  fried green tomatoes,  I know.  BUT!  I finally found the secret! 
First of all, the recipe says to cook some bacon and THEN fry your tomatoes in that bacon fat! (GASP!)  I didn't do that because I forgot and really, is that even legal?  I did however put a bit of bacon fat over the top of the fried tomatoes in the end.  Just for fun.  Just for flava-flav.
But the secret (or at least I never knew this!) is to dip the tomatoes in milk, flour, egg, and then cornmeal! It's the double dip process that helps all that goodness adhere and stay there while frying.  In the past, I didn't double dip (milk/egg AND flour/cornmeal) and the fried part just slid right off while removing them from the pan.  And let's be honest here folks, are we making these to eat the tomato or the fried crunchy part???  I made these and then put a slice of bacon on top and a spoonful of roasted cherry tomatoes from the garden.  Very delish and simple.  A good way to end the harvest!
And as we bid our farewells to summer, the kids found this fine fellow on the eggplant that never produced any eggplants.
 I'll take this guy over that horn worm creature any day!
It's as if he looked right at me while I was taking his picture!  "Well, hello there!"

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