Monday, September 12, 2011


Vincent Van Gogh,
Vincent's House at Arles. 1888.
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 37".

In the aftermath of a "no kids" Saturday overnight adventure with friends in Milwaukee, I was presuming today would be a couch day.  Whew!  I still got it, the ability to party like a rock star that is, I just feel it for days afterward!  And my feet?  Dancing in heels?  I should reconsider the "looking good" thing for my feet's sake! (There was a boat cruise.  There was a live band.  There was dancing.  There was a bar after the boat cruise.  There was another live band.  There was more dancing.)  Thank goodness for City flats from the Gap.

Genius, I do declare!  
Mine are silver.
Yes, those really are my feet!
Bobbi's are bronze. (BFF)
I wanted bronze.
They didn't have my size.
This was Bobbi's idea to take this pic.
Good call.
Your feet made the blog Bob!
They fit in your purse.
Bless the designer's soul.
(and also "Why in the hell didn't I think of that?!)

I bought some yellow spray paint last week.  I swear it spoke to me in a dream.  It just popped into my head to buy yellow spray paint and spice up a few things I have in my powder room that are black.  Today, after watching Home by Novogratz, and Secrets from a Stylist (which I had DVRd ) on HGTV I was uber inspired and not only whipped out the yellow spray paint, but mixed and matched and changed around many rooms of the house.  I've mentioned before that after five years in this current house, I finally feel things coming together and looking polished and all my ideas taking shape.  That is pretty fun and exciting!  

Every time I go to my friend Ashley's house she has done the swap up/change up/mix and match thing and I love it!  Things are the never the same from month to month and I love this idea.  You get creative and maybe add a thrifted or garage sale piece, but rarely are you spending a ton of money to change things up.

Never under estimate what a can of spray paint (cheapest brand at Lowe's was around $3.50!) can do for you!  Wow!  I'm going back for more tomorrow!  New colors!  New inspiration!

Now, getting back to Vincent!  I put a new stack of books in the front room and Lauren notices any new change I make in about two seconds.  I placed one of my old college text books entitled, "Living with Art" on the stack and she was intrigued.  We ended up forgoing the last two chapters of Charlotte's Web to read the art book instead.  I continue to be amazed, delighted and impressed with what she shows interest in.  I actually read the first few paragraphs to her!  

We discussed aesthetic impulse~an urge to respond to that which we find beautiful.  I told her that when we are in nature and she points out things that she thinks are beautiful or interesting to her, she is responding to "this thing" inside of herself (that would be her aesthetic impulse!!!!).  It's that thing that makes you feel alive and inspired.  

This is such an exciting time for us in our lives.  Evan is potty trained, off of the binky (otherwise known as the stinka!) and just a doll.  (a total sassy little devil like no other, but I'm hoping he will grow out of this stage!)  Lauren is just thriving and striving and these early stages of learning how to read are inspiring.  Life is good!  I see her mind working at every turn!  In two weeks of school I see her changing right before my eyes.  I didn't think I could love her more, but I can, and I do!

So as we finished our mini Art 101 session, I read an excerpt from a letter that Vincent wrote to his brother Theo in 1890 while living in Holland:  "In my opinion, I am often rich as Croesus, not in money, but (though it doesn't happen every day) rich, because I have found in my work something to which I can devote myself heart and soul, which gives inspiration and significance to life.  Of course my moods vary, but there is an average of serenity.  I have a sure faith in art, a sure confidence that  it is a powerful stream, which bears a man to harbour, though he himself must do his bit too; and at all events I think it such a great blessing, when a man has found his work, that I cannot count myself among the unfortunate.  I mean, I may be in certain relatively great difficulties, and there may be gloomy days in my life, but I shouldn't want to be counted among the unfortunate nor would it be correct.

I was utterly inspired by his words tonight and wanted to share it with you.  
Self-Portrait, in front of easel
Oil on canvas
Paris: early 1888
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

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