Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life is Good...

The night of my 40th Birthday....
(before heading out for a liquid dinner!!!)

I really should be in bed reading the last few chapters of my book.  Lauren's new bus schedule means the bus arrives at 8:01 a.m.  Eight minutes different tomorrow and seriously, that means a lot!!!  I need to muster my arse out of bed earlier than 7:20.  (which has been the norm)  It's been 5 full days of school so far.  And so far, so good.  Today I picked her up from school so we could get to Spanish class on time.  I did the whole "get in line with the rest of the mom's".....only thing missing here is I don't drive a mini-van!!  I was kinda freaked out.  (I saw Mr. Mom (the movie), did you???  Circa 1983 thank you!)  Fortunately, that school has a ridiculously well oiled system in place and it moves like a clock.  (only faster!)  I was in and out and had her in the car before I could take down my rear-view mirror placard telling the woman with the walkie talkie where and how my daughter should get home today. Whew!

Growing up!

While tucking Lauren into bed tonight she started telling me little bits about her day, her new friends, her teacher.  She now has this whole life outside of the life we have together.  Before I controlled almost everything.  Now she gets on the school bus and goes off to this other world that I know very little about.  I find I discover the most important bits and pieces of whatever is going through Lauren's brain or how her day went, etc. while I cuddle with her before bed.  Today I learned that music, art and P.E.  (she calls it P.E!) are her favorites and it is better than just being in the classroom.  She does like her teacher but just wants to get out and do those other things.  She only has 15 minutes to eat lunch and is consuming less of her food each day.  Is she socializing instead of eating?  Hmmmm.
Kiddie Cocktail

A friend of mind posted on Facebook, "I am a mom with school age children.....sometimes I have to take a moment to let that sink in!"  All I could think was, "I'm right there with ya!"  I think I had some sort of outer body experience today in that pick up line at school!  It's amazing and I'm so happy and she's ready, yet this whole "growing up" so fast pulls on the mom heartstrings!  When we moved into our current house (5 years ago exactly this week!) my brother-in-law Kurt said that the top landing above the stairs will be where she makes her "pause" in her prom dress for pictures before she walks down the stairs.  (I think I told you this already?  mom brain.  forgive me and read on!)  I instantly burst into tears and said, "stop talking about that yet!!!"  Well, I get it now.  I really get it.

(Okay so I didn't post this last night.......I'm continuing this morn!)

All my friends are on Facebook this morning talking about their kids first day of school today and "where did the time go" etc.  We are all in the same boat!  My mom told me when I gave birth to Lauren that life with a child is simply a bunch of "firsts."  She's right.  A new first, you breathe, you move forward, you give your child room to groove and hope it all works out for the best, since they are armed with all the knowledge you can throw at them!!!  Lauren wore flip flops to school today since she outgrew all her sandals mid-summer.  I am not a fan of wearing flops to school, however, all the cool kids are doing it.  Ha!  I told her that since she is in Kindergarten now, these are the decisions she has to make herself and figure out if it works or not.  She said "really, mom?"  (Like she couldn't believe I wasn't saying no!)  She was pleased with this new power I handed over to her.  Today flip flops, tomorrow college!!!!!

Port Washington downtown by the harbor for lunch & ice cream
Driving back from Wisconsin...

I've been enjoying my alone time with Evan while Lauren is at school.  He's self-potty trained himself and I couldn't be happier!  Except for nap and nighttime he's rocking the underwear! Our morning walk after the bus stop sets the tone for the day.  Being present and taking in the beauty of my surroundings.  Breathing and walking and listening to some good tunes.  Life is good.  I've been jokingly telling people lately when they ask what I've been up to or how things are going that, "I'm livin' the dream."  It's really not a dream and I really am!!!!

A bucket 'O Love!!!

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  1. Feel as if I am your writing style. It does all go so fast but each stage is amazing!! (in a fun and frustrating all rolled into one kind of way)
    Living in the moment and enjoying what is happening now is the best way to do it. There are too many things to worry and obsess about if you don't...hugs