Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life with Evan....

With Sissy at school all day, Evan and I have transitioned into a nice little routine.  The first part of our day we take a nice long power walk (weather permitting and yes, I'm over the rain this week!)  And every single time we get to this bridge we MUST stop and say hello to the water and search for ducks and frogs and turtles.  (to which we never find a one!)
Evan insists on touching both railings on both sides of the bridge.  Please, do not mess with the routine Mom!
Throw in a sippy cup, some cheddar bunnies and a Matchbox car and we are good to go!
View from up top!  
We found another caterpillar on our walk.  Well, let's hope it's really a caterpillar and not a nasty tomato horn worm, as we previously captured and thought we had a butterfly in our future!  More googling needs to take place to confirm this!
I feel kind of bad that I captured this one.  He just seemed so adamant on crawling out of the stroller cup holder.
 "Look lady, just let me go.  Really, you can check out my whole life cycle thing on the internet."
"Should I just jump?"
 Next we make a stop at the park.  The slide was wet and there really wasn't any "sliding" taking place!
 More like a "scootch" down the slide!
And of course a bouncy ride on the motorcycle.  My sister long ago told me about the trick of "we do the swings last and after we swing we leave."  Good one Sissy K.  I use it daily!

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