Friday, September 2, 2011

Shellac Review....

On August 18, 2011 (exactly 15 days ago!) on my 40th birthday, I got the shellac manicure done.  Now, I didn't go into the salon with this intention, but the manicurist just wouldn't stop tauting the praises of this process.  I finally caved and with much delight today can say that I don't have a chip in sight!  This is some sort of beauty breakthrough product.  I might be obsessed.  I might get it again.  Soon.  I am one of those people who leave the salon and that same night or next day have a chip.  And that chip makes me very angry.  All those chips over the years led me to abandon manicures all together, except for that once a year treat while visiting my sister.
Did I mention how hard it is to take a picture of your nails?  And it's not like I'm a genius photographer anyway!  (that is soon to change, thanks to my friend Nancy at Everything Except Cooking and her photo challenge)  So this is my pirate hand....can't you just see it saying "Arghhhhhhhh Matey?"  But, you can see how my nails have grown and a little bit of nail shows (see thumb above).  I can deal with that!  No chips!  I'm wearing this polish until the cows come home.  Oh, wait.  I don't live on a farm.

Here's a little video from the manufacturers of Shellac.

Have I ever told you my dream job is to be an infomercial host or be on QVC? OMG!  These women in this video are genius!  I love it! It's so wrong it's right.  High Five!

And over here you can get the pros and cons of using Shellac.

I haven't figured out of I can remove the polish myself or not.  It apparently needs a good wrap/soak in acetone.  (which can't be good!) In a nutshell, this is an ordinary manicure that uses a specially formulated base coat, color and top coat and in between each layer you "bake" it on under a low watt UV light.  (that can't be good either, right?!) 

I'm just giddy that after 15 days my nails still look awesome.  I will add, I've been cooking and cleaning and leading my otherwise glam life, so it's not like I've been "careful" with my nails.   I'll follow up after I get this color off to let you know if any damage occurred.  Let me know if you've tried it or have any good/bad stories to share!

That's all for now.  I'm going to go look at my nails some more. 

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