Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt....

We have been "finishing" our basement  for years now.  (It seems that way anyway.....I'm not sure I can give an exact calculation of time but when my mom was diagnosed with her cancer last August we kinda went crazy full steam ahead to finish this space for her for her recovery and got only so far and then came to a screeching halt.)  It seems only fitting that she is happy and in recovery and not living with us anymore aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd, the basement is complete!  We love to do that.  When we finally finished our last house we promptly moved out.  So we enjoyed our efforts for a short time.

Our basement "suite" as I'm calling it has a bedroom, full bath, play room, big family/T.V. area, and workshop/storage area.  We have some more expensive things to complete, like a big comfy movie theater-like seating area with a screen and projector and we have this awesome "bar" functional area planned with a drawer dishwasher, wet bar, microwave and cupboard section.  It all takes more cash, more time, energy and effort.  And by effort I mean, some high-falutin' bargain hunting, deal seeking, down and dirty wheelin' and dealin'.  We don't do anything full price in this house!

I'm so obsessed with bargain hunting that I can barely breathe in a full price store.  If you don't have a clearance rack, I'm not feeling you!!!  Resale shops, thrifts, Goodwill, garage sales.....oh, how I adore you and keep coming back to you for more!!!  I can't see past your one-of-a-kind and vintage delights. However, I do love you JCPenney!  My mother-in-law showed me the way of JCP (especially for curtains) and deals and coupons.  (and rewards if you have a credit card)  I happen to have a brand spankin' new JCP right by my house and believe me, I was skeptical as all heck.  JCP?  Geek of the week perhaps.  Well, it happens this is NOT so!  

Here are some of my finds of the day for my basement bedroom suite from JCP:
Sorrent Panels by Cindy Crawford for JCP.  In a beloved (Nate Berkus showed me the way!) Ikat pattern. Currently on sale for $29.99 for a 30x84 curtain, tab top panel.
 A lovely mother of pearl rod from the JCP Home Collection for those Ikat curtain lovelies....
I like to mix and match some vintage with modern and in this space I took more risks with color and painted the walls a lovely turquoise.  This bedding from Carson's by Living Quarters is whimsical and fun.  I have tons of vintage/thrifted/goodwilled pieces and I know you'll love my finished look.  I learned from the best (Nate) that too matchy matchy is not where it's at.  I only bought the quilt and one pillow in this pattern.  The shams and pillow are all mixed up.  So far I love it.  But any good house only becomes a home with time.  I have a wish list of items in mind for those times I'm in the middle of Goodwill or a garage sale and start freaking out!  

We've lived in our current house for five years now and it is only now beginning to feel more complete.  It's a long process and if you do it right and don't spend a fortune (but it can still look like one!) you need to be patient and let it evolve over time.  

I love to look at home furnishing catalogs or their websites.  The inspiration is INSANE and I find that in most cases I just get those images I most love in my head and then use that inspiration to find a way to DIY it or bargain shop it.  Seriously, it is so much more fun.  Get out of your box and give it a try!

Insane inspiration:
Insane couch #1 from Anthropologie is a mere $6,000!  I mean really, do you have kids to send to college? Please!
Insane couch #2 from Anthropologie is only $3,000.  Such a bargain.  But really, I have a child who takes Spanish classes.  

Where do you find your inspiration?

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