Monday, September 19, 2011

What age 2.75 looks like...

Here is my boy Evan.  Lauren and I spent the weekend without him or Dad.  I didn't raise my voice once.  NOT ONCE I tell you.  This is Evan getting ready for road trip 101 with his Dad.  I put him in PJ's.  He accessorized with a winter hat, winter boots and a too-small plaid jacket.  But hey, what did I care?  I was about to have a Friday to myself!  8:01 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.  It was ridiculously blissful.  I wish to do it again.  Soon.  
So cute.  But it doesn't fool me.  Spend one day with this boy and your emotions will go from a melting heart to raging anger.  "I wanna do it myself."  (GOT IT Evan!)
Doesn't every boy need a winter hat with flames?
But on a positive note, I realized that my days with diapers are over.  (except for the nap and nighttime diaper, but I can handle a pee diaper any day.)  I haven't changed a poop diaper in weeks.  Good bye diapers.  I will not miss you.  (and wow, we are at this cross road already!!!!)  The baby potty mysteriously disappeared over the weekend.  Because yes, he wants to empty it himself.  "I do it by myself."  Not anymore son.  Evan also refuses to use the potty ring.  I'm delighted that I spend $17.99 on the Cars McQueen ring that makes a noise that sounds like a revving engine.  But I shouldn't complain.  No more diapers!  Vacations next summer will be even better!!!
Lauren and I found the last of the stinka's this weekend.  I didn't want to take any chances of tossing them while Evan was around.  His crack, I mean, stinka addiction was not beneath a retraction from the garbage.  I told Lauren we need to document this moment.  No more scrambling around to find these little green gems.  
Goodbye forever stinka's!  We will not miss you.  Well, Evan will.  No diapers and no stinka's within weeks of each other!  These are milestones people!!!!
Peace out!

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