Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am the proud owner of these banana yellow Frye boots. I got them from my favorite local re-sale shop and they are broken in and soft and ready to wear! They were still pricey but I had a huge credit since I am a consignor. I basically traded clothes I didn't wear or want anymore for something I did! And the color.....yeah, WHY NOT?  Don't they make you happy?  They just aren't your average brown or black boots!
See how soft the leather is?  Heaven, eh, more like BUTTAh. (get, it?  Yellow/butter?!) I've worn them a few times and got compliments from strangers because you just don't see a person wearing yellow boots and doggone it, it makes you smile and take notice!  I wore a yellow scarf too. I was screaming "be happy" to the world I tell ya! 

You can see these lovelies and more ridiculous boots (full price of course!) over here at  FRYE boots. They are referred to as "Carson Pull On" They cost a small fortune but last forever.  I've always wanted a pair.  I've coveted Frye boots forever.  But alas, I can never justify the price.  My friend Ree over at Pioneer Woman loves Frye boots and has giveaways once in awhile. I have not won.  yet.

These are the Frye Harness.  I couldn't justify or afford them.  So I got the Mossimo from Target look-a-likes for around $40 a few Christmases ago.  I love them.  I might love them just as much.  Everywhere I go people ask me if they Frye.  "Oh, these?  Why, no.  Tar-jey Boutique.  Thank you very much."

Can you tell the difference?  These are called Katherine Engineer boots by Mossimo.  Unlike most of you, I have calves from Hell.  My calves don't fit in most boots.  The tall part of the boot can't go very high or it gets stuck on the widest part of my really huge calves.  So lucky for me both of these boots don't go extremely high.  About ten years ago when tall high-heeled boots became all the rage again, I actually had to find a pair that "almost" fit and get a stretchy "gusset" added in to the top part of the boot where the zipper ends.  (hurt me)  That makes a girl feel skinny and good!!! Woo Hoo!
And since we are on the subject of boots, these are my Dad's old cowboy boots.  I love them.  This is my latest way to use them randomly around the house so I can see them.  I love that all those wrinkles and creases were created just because he wore them and broke them in to fit his feet perfectly.

How can I not be so totally cliche' and include this video and song?  : )

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