Friday, October 14, 2011

Cowboy Candy Part Deux....

I was downloading some photos today and ran into these.  Apparently I took many more of the jalapeno fest we had a few weeks back!  I am anal and weird and cannot move on with my blogs until I give you the full candied spice fest photos!  Once again, Lauren demonstrates her high gross-out factor in the photo above.
 In this photo Lauren prepares to toss the peppers into the boiling mixture.  (Such safe cooking at our house!) And I adore her face in this one.  She's horrified but happy!
 But how do you like this action shot?  I'm getting better!
 Guess who am I when I say this:  "Jump into the hot tub kids."  (I'll go vomit now)
 Lovely closeup with the bubbly background!
 Lauren apparently stirs with her spoon held straight up!
Cutie and Candied Jalapeno finished product!  Thanks for obliging me yet another post about a recipe you will never make!  Happy Friday!  Love ya's!

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