Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Driftwood Mirror DIY....

I have been collecting found objects my entire life.  Beach glass, driftwood, rocks, rusty nails, broken pieces of pottery, leaves, you name it.  I love the organic shapes, colors and natural beauty.  I love putting these random pieces in a little dish or loading up a quantity of shells in a glass vase.  They speak to me.  They tell a story.  (stories that I like to make up about what I find!)

In my good mother ways, I get the kids to like the things I like.  I got them collecting right along with me.  For two years Lauren and I have been collecting driftwood to make my driftwood fantasy become a reality.  So I finally got down to business last week.  But before I reveal the goods, let's take a look at some options on the market today.  (and better yet, let's take a look at those price tags that go with them!)
This is from Ballard Designs and it is currently marked down to $199.99 from $299.99!
Another from Ballard Designs for $329!

This is from Crate and Barrel for $199.99

 This is from Pottery Barn Teen for $99.
I could go on and on and show you many more.  The web is full of them!  You can also find many sites that show you how to DIY these lovelies.  But here is how I did it:
This is the color of my mirror before.
I spray painted it gray to match the tones of the driftwood on any areas of wood that would show through.
 I stocked up on glue sticks...
and borrowed the hubs wood glue.
I set up shop by laying out all my assorted pieces on a drop cloth.
I used the wood glue only on the big pieces that I put down first......
then I switched over to the glue gun to add all the other pieces on top of the big base pieces.
 I just kept adding and stacking and the pieces seemed to fit like a puzzle in most cases.
I zoned out and was in my element sorting through the pieces to find which one would fit just right!
 At some point I had to stop myself from adding more.
It was hard.
More is better ya know!
 I added one fave found object:  this big 'ol rusty nail...

 This is my "owl" piece!  I think Lauren found this one.
Now I see and elephant too!
 And this one looks like an eagle to me, but hubs said a dino.
I added some dried seaweed sorta stuff that was mixed in with the bags of driftwood.  It's not technically seaweed, as almost all this driftwood was exclusively found from the shores of Green Bay in Menominee, MI.  I think some pieces are from Door County, WI too.  
 It's really hard to take a good pic!
 As you can see I did not go with any pattern or design.
I really wanted something organic and slightly crazy.  (like me!)
 This one is dark but you can see some detail.
I wanted certain pieces to "hang off the edges."
 This is a corner shot.
This is an upper corner shot.
Overall, I couldn't be more delighted with the process and the end result.  I am never more myself than when I planning, plotting, designing and knee-deep in a project!  The mirror has so much history in it that Lauren and I did most of the collecting and most of the pieces came from "Farmor's beach." (Farmor means Father's Mother in Swedish and before my mother-in-law died in January we called her summer beach house in Menominee, MI "Farmor's Beach."  I think I've just been saying "Grandpa's Beach" now.)  It's collected and textured and something I hope Lauren will think is cool when she goes to college and I'll let her take it with her!  And really, those days will be here so fast I'll laugh at this post in no time!  


  1. I love love love this! Oooooo - must go start collecting, methinks!

  2. I do love driftwood mirrors! Yours turned out beautiful too. I've got this linked to my mirrors post as well today, nice job!

  3. This is one of the best DIY driftwood mirrors I've seen! You've inspired me to
    put my found beach treasures to use in a similar manner - thanks!