Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Blog Post.....Chopped

Janet Rabig, Owner~Stylist~Short Hair Girl forever
*Scissor Happy Hair Studio
A tiny little studio with big ideas and creations!
Janet's personal philosophy:
"Some people purse happiness...Other's create it."

Janet's thoughts on short hair:
I must come to terms with what I know to be true.  There are few things I know about myself better than this.  I am a short hair girl (SHG).  No matter how intent I am on growing my hair out or what fun and funky cut I can find, if the length is over my ears, on my forehead or anything on my neck, it ain't happenin'.

Many of my clients have asked me from time to time what is going on with my hair  I take that as a kind of test  It's almost like I hear in this question a whole different thing.  I hear them saying, "your hair is always so cute and stylish, so why isn't it today?" Now I know that is not even close to what they are really asking but that is how this "SHG's" brain works!

I never get compliments on my hair when it starts to grow out.  I have pondered that from time to time.  Why not? Well, probably because I don't like my hair when that is happening so I am not nearly as confident.  As soon as I walk away from the chair after a short cut, I feel like me.  So why, oh why, do I fight this so?

I have many SHG clients who can relate.  An inch of grow out leaves them in shambles and their life unravels all around them.  Hair touching their necks makes their scarves wrap in knots.  And if the hair sticks out around their glasses, well, you better call a doctor with shears!

A LHG (long hair girl) cannot understand this at all but I am convinced that all LHG's are just SHG's who haven't leapt yet.  Someday, maybe, they will and they won't look back.  As long as they find the right style.  But see, that's the beauty of SHG style; it's every changing and molding and morphing.  I have a haircut scheduled for this week and I cannot wait to get it chopped!

You can check out Janet's website at:
Scissor Happy Hair Studio
2316 Esplanade Dr. Suite 107
Algonquin, IL 60102
Janet has a great book idea that I look forward to helping her with!  Stay tuned!  When women like us get together on a little idea, great things are bound to happen!
 Cool cuts and new styles....
 Yep, that's a little mohawk action!  (I told you she was cool!)
Lovin' the hawk!
Funky color....
Tricia & Janet at my haircut last night
The best story I have to share about Janet is the fact that the first time I called the salon she used to work for (she's kickin' it on her own terms now!) the salon set up an appointment for me to get my haircut by a different stylist. That stylist called in sick or had an emergency so they called me back to ask if it was okay to switch me to Janet.  Was it okay?  That was the best thing they ever did for me!  Janet was the only stylist with cool hair.  (Seriously, they all looked the same with that damn inverted bob!)  So here we are after five years of stylist-client relationship which is now a friendship!

Thanks Janet!

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  1. My mom's a SHG and she screams everytime she leaves the salon with the start of an inverted bob!!! that made me laugh, thankfully she's found a new stylist in NC!