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Guest Blog Post.....Friendship

Morgan (Nancy's daughter) & Nancy Hooper, Guest Blogger Extraordinaire
Everything except Cooking is Nancy's blog and I demand you go there right now and find out what her next photo contest is!  I've been involved and it's been fun and now she's gettin' all Pioneer Woman on us and making us EDIT!
Photo circa 2009
Kelly, Phil Vassar (country singer that they are obsessed with!) and Kelly
I felt that in rummaging through Nancy's Facebook page, this photo would be approved to post!
Don't they look so happy and cute?  That's what Phil does to them.

I met Nancy many moons ago when I met her sister Kelly.  Kelly is married to Tom.  Tom and my husband have been friends since grade school.   Kelly is really cool.  She's one of my bests.  Nancy is pit-near as cool as Kelly.  They are just the real deal.  The kind of girls who you can sit down with and have some drinks and do a puzzle and laugh.  I only get to see Nancy once a year (shameful really!) when we go on our annual Trout Lake, MN family vacation with Kelly and Tom.  This really has got to change!  However, Nancy and I have taken our friendship to a new level once she started blogging.  We talk several times per week via our blogs and email.  Usually Kelly is copied in our correspondence because it just feels best that way!

Oh, I must add that Nancy knits.  I can't wait to get a custom knit something or other  from Nancy.  She also loves fiesta ware and collects vintage pyrex dishes. She doesn't cook but cans things. (You know, boiling water, Ball jars, etc.) This doesn't make any sense!  Nancy's daughter Morgan (above) is in dance and by that I mean that Nancy spends a small fortune on costumes and drives her around, puts music on the boom box and helps her choreograph dance numbers.  Nancy spends a great deal of time at dance related events.  Oh yeah, and just for fun her son Andy is in football AND hockey.  Let's not even talk about all those hours spent inside a cold ice rink!  
Morgan & Andy
The apples of Nancy's eyes...
And this is another photo of Andy.  I just had to post this one.  It speaks loudly to parenthood and all those little "a face only a mother could love" moments!  I love it!  When I think of Nancy I think of her dedication to her family and friends.

Which leads to Nancy's guest post topic:

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong,
And I’ll be your friend,
I’ll help you carry on.
For, it won’t be long
Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on.”
~Bill Withers

I love this song.  It’s everything that friendship is about.  Lean on me today if you need to, because someday I’m gonna need to lean on you.  And you better like it.

What would we do without our friends?

Growing up, I had a few “best friends” but to be honest, friendships through my school years were very stressful to me.  It always seemed like such work to make sure nobody was mad at anyone else, and that everyone was included in party invites, and so and so heard such and such say something about XYZ, and she ran off crying to the bathroom.  Ugh.  (maybe that was just a girl thing?)

I’m so glad to be an adult when it comes to the friendships that are in my life now.  Nobody in my awesome group of friends cares how old I am (OMG, you’re eating lunch with a FRESHMAN?!?) or what I look like.  I don’t have to wear name-brand clothing to feel like part of the group.  Get-togethers are usually at someone’s house, very laid back and all around fun.  No pressure.  No need to impress.  Let’s play cards and drink wine.  Let’s watch the game at someone’s house.  Who is bringing the taco dip?  I know I won’t lose touch with them over the summer, or in the fall when we are in different classes.  They will be there for me to lean on, and I hope they know they can lean on me.  They understand when I just don’t want to be part of the group today, and I want to just plain old stay home.  We go on trips together, and our kids have become very close friends.  When hockey tryouts are stressing me out, I can call up a friend and meet her for a drink.

I try to remind myself often how lucky I am to have so many friends that accept me unconditionally, and I try to always do the same for them.  Isn’t it cool how effortless it is to keep certain friends? 

Don’t get me wrong, new friends can pop into my life when I’m least expecting it, and I love when that happens too, but I truly believe that the ones that are supposed to stick around and be in your life in some way will.  You won’t have to work at it.  It will just happen. 

So, to all my friends, thanks for letting me lean on you when I need it.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Also, thanks for telling me when I have a mystery black thing in my teeth.  I love ya!

Now, go write an email, send a text, call, go visit, or set up a get together with one of your friends.  Surround yourself with people that make you happy, right???


Thanks Nancy!  I am so happy to call you FRIEND!
It is shameful that I have to post this without including a photo of Nancy and me!  There is one that exists but I remember it distinctly......I had what appears to be a big fat arm showing because I was wearing a tank top! (because I have Jillian pipes now!  HA!  Not! But they are better!) So it is a MUST that Nancy and I get a photograph together the next time we meet! (Sans fat arms!)

I just have to add some photos of Nancy's completed knitting projects:
Cleo, Kelly's daughter 
modeling the poncho made by Auntie Nancy!

 Baby hat and mittens!
This one makes me want to have another baby...
(insert maniacal laughter here!!!)

 Lovely Ladies winter Hat....
so stylish
I could die for these mittens!  
That snowflake pattern does it for me every time!
I think Nancy made these for Kelly.
I want them.

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