Monday, October 3, 2011

Guest Blog Post.....Make new friends, but keep the old

Tricia & Kelly ~Marinette High School 20th Class Reunion~ July 2009
(I swear my arm is not that big anymore!  And and I now realize my hair is way blonder!)

Kelly and I have been friends since SIXTH grade!  Please stay tuned for some guest blog posts from all my fabulous girlfriends and bloggers!  And here it is!  My first guest blog post!  I'm so excited!  

This is what Kelly has to say about herself:
I am an older than I look mom-wife-sister-daughter-etc, balancing family and work in the Midwest. Grew up in small town Wisconsin, moved to Madison for college and stayed. Mother of two very different kidlets, wife of the smartest man I know, and friend to a few interesting folks.

You can visit Kelly's blog, Kellys Deli here.   She describes it as "a flavorful variety of stories from Kelly" on Wordpress. 

My youngest child started kindergarten this fall, and as the summer wrapped up I looked forward to meeting all the kids that will be in the McFarland Class of 2024. (2024!) I also realized that this means expanding our circle of 'parent friends'. So this has been an exciting couple of weeks, meeting new people, arranging carpools and even discovering a few "it's a small world" surprises.
Then I volunteered to lead the Daisy Girl Scout troop, where I am meeting even more new parents. Relationships with some of the moms I already know are growing, and I'm learning how to co-lead with a mom who loves Excel even more than I do!
A much less anticipated source of new relationship-building has been at work. Between a handful of new peer managers, two new direct reports, a couple of new doctors to break in and an impending new boss, my "people" skills have been in high action. My time is spent observing, trying to get some insight into their personalities, learning their strengths, and trying not to talk too much.
In between all that we work in some nurturing of existing friends and family. I can't think of another time in our lives when the opportunity to meet so many new people at once will occur. The kids of course will have many more chances, with each new activity or club they join. It's fun, getting to know new people. But I gotta be honest: I'm exhausted. So thanks old friends for being patient with me!

THANKS KELLY!  I agree, whether you want to or not, your circle of friends expands once a child is in school.  I find myself having to get out of that "I don't need or want anymore people in my life" and "I might not like your kid" thoughts.  I have to remember that having a wider circle of friends can only add to my support system and people to help me out in times of need.  I'm still working on it, but if I am open to the possibility I just might add a new friend to the list!  I just turned 40 in August and one thing it brought out in me was not really caring so much about what other people think about me.  That freedom opens doors.  After all, when I started sixth grade (when I met Kelly) she was not my friend.  And look at us now!  Still friends after all these years!

The end of the school year photo....not sure if this was senior year ('89) or the end of freshman year.  I had the same big hair throughout highschool!  (Kelly will totally clarify this  She's good with numbers and years and remembering these kinds of details!) Kelly is wearing her shaded glasses over on the left and I'm wearing sunglasses.  Because we were just that cool.  Wow.

So I'm pushing the "publish post" button and hoping and praying that I don't have any spelling or grammatical errors.  Kelly's good at those sorts of things too!  I wouldn't want her image tarnished in this blog!  

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