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Guest Blog Post.....The Power of Women

Jennifer Djordjevic
(making some custom blended lip gloss)
Jen's favorite quote:
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

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Jen's thoughts on The Power of Women:

When I first met Tricia I was wowed.  

I'm pretty sure it was her hair which highlighted her beautiful face that delivered this ridiculously infectious commentary about something of interest, followed by laughter that made me wish I'd met her so much earlier in life. Plus, her feet were clad in fabulous peep toe heels that Heidi Klum would be proud to wear.

I was in “friendship” from that moment on.  

I love meeting women like Tricia because they make life more interesting. Women like her are passionate, dedicated, truthful, beautiful, successful and inspirational. So when she asked me to write a guest blog post on Mommy’s Missing Pieces I was delighted and honored.

The Story of Bomber Betty:

I like sales parties to the extent that I don’t go crazy and purchase gads of things I’ll never use. I love the gathering part of it, the camaraderie among women. We get each other. And we’re all there for the same reason: to shop, gossip, eat and drink. 

A few weeks ago I attended a party of a friend of a friend. Her new company, Market Earth, is unique in that she only purchases items that are made from sustainable materials, recycled or have a good mission behind the product. Her home was filled with colorful jewelry, reusable shopping totes and chic accessories.
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She’d also invited another vendor in – a seasoned make-up artist named Jessica Sawicki who impressed us with her clever line of beauty products for the face, eyes and lips. From the moment we saw Jessica in her 1950’s style outfit and impeccable skin we knew were in for a real treat.
Jessica Sawicki~"Bomber Betty"

Quite simply, we were wowed. Here was yet another passionate, dedicated, truthful, beautiful, successful and inspirational woman to add to the people I was glad to know.

First, we started out with a small tub of clear lip gloss. A short survey came next which required us to think about our favorite colors and what we might use our gloss for. Did we want something for everyday wear or a red hot number for special occasions?

The colors to be added were up to us – pink shimmer, sunset beach, wine berry, peach fuzz, raspberry were among the colors too numerous to list. Myriad tubes of glitter that we couldn’t resist, beckoned us to kick up the color with a bit of bling. After adding our colors and glitter we mixed until our concoction came to life. Both of us were ecstatic about our gloss naming them Cinnamatic and Jane’s Rose Shimmer.

As much fun as I had mixing my lip gloss I was especially curious how Jessica came to be known as Bomber Betty. A mom with two boys at home, she made the genius move to pair her recognition of her husband’s professional (he’d served in the Navy) and her appreciation of WWII pinup girls. Her marketing savvy and years of experience with custom blended make up completed the package. From her look to the label on her cosmetics this was one smart chick. 

As I drove home from the party with my custom made lip gloss I smiled. I thought about Tricia and my other girlfriends and how much they would have enjoyed something like this. They too would have loved to shop, gossip, eat and drink while getting to know another amazing woman like themselves. I can imagine all of them would create a different gloss or lipstick to reflect their personal styles. 

This brings me to the reason I wrote this post and that is to recognize all of us – the women of the world who have so much to offer. We are a wealth of knowledge. We are strong and beautiful. We have a limitless ability to love and forgive. (I know, sometimes it doesn’t always feel that way.) We have the ability to pick ourselves up in the midst of great suffering. We are smart and we can do anything we put our minds to.

I am truly wowed by all the women I know and I’m so grateful to be a part of this elite group! Kudos to Tricia for keeping Mommy's Missing Pieces going. The more we can support one another the better. 

Tricia & Jen
Wine club Christmas party 2010

Thanks Jen!
I first met Jen at wine club.  A club that made such a difference in my life!  Not just because I love wine but because I had something fun to look forward to every month.  I had a reason to shower and put makeup and wear a cute outfit.  (that's tough sometimes for a stay-at-home-mom!) Once I got to wine club I found myself surrounded my a group of women that inspired me, listened to me, laughed with me.  Jen is a huge inspiration to me.  And I might add, she has her motorcycle license!  She was brave enough to get it!  (I would love to, but I'm a chicken and stick to the back of my husband's bike!)  She is never without a new idea or project.  She never stops moving forward and being positive.  I am so proud to call her my friend.  There is nothing like a friend who supports you.

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  1. Great post! I'd love to go to a party like that! And yes, I don't know what I'd do without support of my girlfriends!