Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is my little man Evan.  He turns three in December.  He started preschool today.  Now, I use the term preschool lightly.  It's a program called "Mom's Day Out" but they run it like a preschool.  This gives me 2.5 glorious hours without children twice a week.  (insert angels singing hymns and floating on air above the gilded golden gates of Heaven)  I can go to the stinkin' grocery store and get in and out without ten million distractions and breakdowns.  I can do whatever the hell I want.  Remember those years?  Those years without kids?  We were fools not to realize what we had!  (And in reality, if we wouldn't have had kids our lives would suck right now!!!!)
This backpack now has a purpose beyond carrying matchbox cars around! Thanks Tanta Tracy! Liam and Declan (the kids cousins) gave up this one for little man Evan.  My sister nicknamed him EZ-E when he was a baby because he was such an angel.  He slept and slept and slept and never made a peep. Yeah, that's because he was in a sleep coma because he wasn't getting enough breast milk.  I was blissfully unaware and thought I had a perfect second child!  But that's another post!  
I mean really!  Look at that face.  I wanted to bust a gut crying.  Then I quickly remembered I had 2.5 hours of blissful-kid-free time ahead of me and shook it off.
I did a lot of prepping to get him ready.  We met the teachers last week and took a tour of the facility.  He clung to me and wanted "up" and said "wanna go home now Mom."  Today he seemed happy and ready to go. Part of the reason for this little activity is because Evan has been a real handful. So much more than Lauren ever was and sometimes I find myself so frustrated I am just beyond myself with rage or tears. Or questioning myself as to what in the heck I'm doing wrong.  But really, nothing is wrong.  Evan is headstrong and adventurous and kind and loving and sassy.  He has a mind of his own. He knows how to give me a run for my money!  Whew!  This whole "school" gig is to give him a little structure, fun, friends, time away from me and independence.
And we're off!  And if I even touch him to help him get down we will start the whole process all over again!
Here Evan waits to enter the doors.  Apprehensive?  Scared?  Happy? Excited? What the heck are we doing here Mom???  Lauren attended this school a few years ago so she was helping with the prep!
Walking down the hallway to his classroom. He's his own man. He's on a mission for higher learning!  My heart is bursting.
I said my goodbye, gave my hug and kiss and promptly pointed to a box with balls in it.  He took the teachers hand and I quickly got the heck outta there! I'm no dummy. This is kid number two after all!  This picture is a little scary. It looks like I'm dropping him off at the Russian orphanage! All the kids meet in this big room and run around and ride bikes and big wheels until it's time to gather in the classrooms.  That helped.  That really helped.  (the big wheels that is!)

When I picked him up I observed him for as long as I could before he spotted me.  He was making his way down the hallway to the classroom and then sat in a chair and listened to the teacher read a book.  He made all the appropriate animal sounds at the teacher's prompting.  (that's good stuff.....when did I teach him that?!)  When he finally saw me he came running to me and busted out in a full on panic-you are back again-cry.  But he was so proud of himself and I praised him like no other!  The teacher said he cried a few times but overall he had a great day and they love him.  (true dat boo!) On the drive home he said he had pretzels for a snack and said "YES MOM" when I asked him if he wanted to go back again.
 'Cause I never knew love like this before...
 Opened my eyes.....what a surprise...
 then you turned my life around.....
You are my sunlight and my rain.....
I Love you Buddy.
Love, Mom
The kids love to look at their photos in the blog and I just showed Evan these photos and he said "I was missing you mom."  I am not making this up people.  I'm going to go lie down in a ball on the couch and cry : )


  1. YOU are one awesome mom!!!!

    Great post!


  2. yeah, i get it...ditto,
    you rock, gal!