Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have this CD on hold at the library.  (Adele - 21) I can only imagine what the rest of the CD is like.  (aside from that over played song that is really great but I am really sick of now!)  She is amazing and beautiful and hello!  I do believe that is Paris!  (Sigh!)  Can you just imagine feeling this way and walking around Paris?  I am ashamed to admit that I asked my almost six year old daughter if this was Lady Gaga singing while the song was playing in the car on the radio.  What is wrong with me?  And she answered "No Mom."  (She's a pop culture genius.  I'm so proud.  OMG.)
Just look at that makeup.  Insane.  
Paris in Autumn.  
(with Adele soundtrack playing in the background....)
d r e a m i n g 

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