Monday, November 21, 2011

Bedding Issue Solved!

So the Chaps duvet from Kohl's that I got a great deal on (see details here) just wasn't enough of a change in the room.  The colors were just too similar to what I had previously.  Mom was here for Lauren's birthday so we went to Carson's where we found the Lenox Chirp bedding collection on a killer sale.  If I thought $120 was a good price for the duvet and shams from Kohl's, this made me even happier.  How does $65 sound?  Kind of insane right?  I got the King comforter and shams and bed skirt for that wonderful price.  I will not use the bed skirt however, as I have a platform bed and the wood shows which is nicer.  
Here is another image.  I gave up the super cool bird pillow to my mom.  She got the same great deal in queen size for her guest room.  So I got one of the salmon colored Euro sized shams you see against the headboard in the above photo.  
Very lovely detail on the Euro sham!  Luckily I had a bunch of pillows in the same color family so I don't have to spend any more money on pillows.  Why are pillows so expensive?!!!  This sham and pillow insert was $35!  I got the bedding for $65 and for half that I get a stinkin' pillow!!!!  But all of the items in this collection were on clearance so I was lucky to even get an extra pillow!  And, it pays to ask if they have stock "in the back" because I was ready to leave the store empty handed and a lovely sales associate asked if she could help me.  I just about fell over because customer service is NIL these days!  She found the king size and sham in the back!!!!  Excellent!  

So let's move onto to drapes!  I have lived in this house for six years and never had drapes in the master bedroom.  It's sad.  Nate Berkus is always telling us to "make our bedroom a sanctuary" but it's always last on every body's list.  Part of that reason is, nobody (rarely) sees this room except me!  So in true mixing and matching fashion, I'm doing drapes from JCP Mystique collection from Chris Madden.  I love JCP for curtains and I got two panels of the plaid in the indigo color and two panels of the gold color to do the double curtain look in the first photo.  Love that!
This is the hardware for the window, also from JCP from the Linden Street Collection.  The bedding has a branch motif and I have a big flower/branch vintage thing hanging above the bed.  Now a good blogger would show you photos of all these individual items I speak of, but I'm feeling awfully uninspired to go photograph everything!  But I will take photos and show you how it all looks in another post.  

Oh!  The price on FOUR panels (which have a super thick energy lining in them!) and the rod was a mere $200!  I used a JCP coupon and got $20 and shipped to my local store which was free!  You gotta know how to work it!  Bargains and deals and thrifty shopping enables me to splurge somewhere else which I love.

Hope your Monday was easy and quick!  I'm ready for some good food and family this week!  I'm still in the aftermath of Lauren's 6th birthday party and running around like a crazed fool with my Mom and Aunt all weekend for the party and for shopping.  All fun and all good but still exhausting!  

After SIX years the master bedroom is finally going to be completed!  

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  1. The frickin ridiculous expense of pillows. One of life's great mysteries.
    Love the bedding - Fantastic find!