Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bedding Issues.....

I purchased this king size duvet cover last week from Kohl's.  It was originally $289 (oh, please!), marked down to $189 and I was able to use a 15% off, 30% off and free shipping AND Kohl's cash which gave me $20 back, making my total around $113 if I am remembering correctly.  It's been a long day cleaning and prepping for my mom and Aunt to arrive for Lauren's sixth birthday and ended with Spanish class and a trip to Costco.  I'm pretty much done!  (Don't you just LOVE all those hats and that big brass bed in the above photo?) 
These are some photos I took at the actual Kohl's store after I ordered it online, to see if I would like it more than the internet photos.  I only purchased the duvet cover which comes with two pillow shams.  
 I did a mock set up of what it would look like in the bedroom with a bunch of other pillows I collected from around the house that match perfectly.  Yet, I'm still not sure if I will keep it.  I do like it, but wonder if I need a punch of color beyond all the gold tones happening in the room.
 I'm rather obsessed with that small pillow in the front.  It reminds me of a really cool cottage.  Or those vintage trading blankets.  Pillows have a tendency to speak to me.  I have a thing for pillows.  This one is saying "and I have a thing for you too..."  (Okay, I'll stop now with the pillow talk.  GET IT?!!! hahahahhha)

So I'm going to wait for a few other opinions to make my final decision.   Either way, I can return it directly to the store so that makes life easy.  My overall vision was to get other pillows, a sheet set, a blanket, etc. from various sources outside this Chaps Home Montauk Studio from Kohl's and really mix and match it up 'ala Nate Berkus.  The hubs thought we needed to go with a bigger punch of color.  (the walls are a gold tone, the rug in the room has all the same family of colors and the wood is all yellow, gold, amber tones.....and we have a funky "Alice in Wonderland" chair that kinda kicks things up a bit with colors a bit more bold, but still in this family)  But when hubs gave me his opinion, (I'm not sure he even knew anything was changed in the room!) I fully told him his opinion kinda didn't count.  (with love)  I've decorated the crap out of this house and he almost always supports me.  When he questions me, I fight back!

I'll let you know my decision.  My daughter turns SIX tomorrow and I cannot believe it!  

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