Friday, November 11, 2011

Daisy Scout in the House....

Little Miss Lauren joined Daisy's!  She got her vest and we put all her first petals on and all the important scouting badges.  I wonder how many boxes of Girl Scouts cookies I'm gonna have to buy next year?!!!
And since it's Friday and a good day for some "I didn't know that" trivia, I present to you the background on Girl Scouts:

Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low was born on October 31, 1860, in Savannah, Georgia.  Juliette grew up in a prominent home.  She married William Mackay Low and moved to Great Britain.  After her husband died, she met Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the British Boy Scouts.  On March 12, 1912, Juliette Low gathered 18 girls from her home town, Savannah, to register the first troop of American Girl Guides.  Her niece, Margaret "Daisy Doots" Gordon was the first registered member.  The name of the organization was changed to Girl Scouts the following year.

And here is some BIZARRE Juliette trivia:
I had a series of ear infections and was losing patience with "traditional" medicine. I had heard that silver nitrate was the "newest" treatment, and I insisted that the doctor use it on me. Unfortunately, it was too powerful a mixture, and it caused me to go deaf in that ear. Later on at my wedding, a truly freaky thing happened; some of the rice people threw got caught in my other ear. I didn't want to take the time to see a doctor, since I was leaving on my honeymoon. Well, the rice festered in my ear and caused quite an infection. When it was finally removed, the instrument they used to take it out made me deaf in that ear too.

Each meeting they get a new petal.  She got a green one last night.  They also made holiday cards for the troops.  Because as Lauren said, "they are away from their families during the holidays."  We donated some of our Halloween candy and food for the food drive.  When boxes are sent to the troops overseas they use the candy as filler and the soldiers can eat it and share it with children in the towns and villages where they are stationed.
This is a picture I took when volunteering in Lauren's classroom.  They have something called "Daily Deputy" and they began the school year by drawing a photo of themselves.  At least we can be confident she knows what color hair she has!!!!!

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