Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

A few weeks ago Lauren went to a Halloween themed birthday party and we made the executive decision to recycle costumes from last year.  (thank you to myself for that genius idea!)  Last year I took extra time and attention and made the kids costumes a bit more special.  (semi-homemade if you will!!!)
Lauren decided the wig itched and the face makeup got gloppy and sweaty.  So we axed those parts of her costume.  I call Lauren "long tall Sally" because every time I turn around something is too short!  As was this costume....hence, the polka dot pajama bottoms underneath the dress!  
Lauren did rock some double pony tails and a chunky necklace of mine.  
A bit of lipstick, glitter and eye shadow to kick it up a notch!
I told her to "look creepy and zombie-like"...
I don't think the smile goes with that idea!
This was more like it!
Do you see all those plastic creepy crawlies? 
 I sewed them on last year.  individually.
Rocker boots and skull and cross bone tights!
Some rockin' nail polish.....
(orange base, black crackle and nail decals)
Ready for the party!  
I told her she was a "rock star zombie"
Fast forward a few weeks to trick or treating....
Evan might be scared of sissy!
Recycled Frankenstein....
Trying to scare me...
This one is for you Bebe!
Apparently jumping up and down is scary....
Yep, sewed all those onto the veil!
How can this cuteness be scary?
Darth Vader light up shoes that are five times too big!  
(but that kind of goes with the costume!)
This is my favorite photo!  Look at those eyes!
Addicted to photo editing now!  Thanks Nancy!
We ventured out to trick or treat and left a big candy bowl by the front....
I wonder how long the candy lasted?!!!!
Each day on the walk to the bus stop Evan was obsessed with Mr. Skeleton...
So we had to take a photo!
This house on our path had some cool blow up decorations.
Should I touch the spider Mom?!!
And another Halloween down in the record books of life!
Now let's talk turkey right?  egads!

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