Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hangin' with Evan....

Oct. 2011
Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, WI
Evan~ pondering the meaning of what being an almost 3year old means...

I was preparing my Halloween post when I came across these random photos of Evan and I felt compelled to  share them here.  This is my electronic baby book you know!!!!
 Chillin' in Fish Creek 
 Have I mentioned Evan's Angry Birds obsession?
Does your child use your iPad?  yikes.
 Just wearing my fake tie shirt and eating candy apples!
Showing off my Halloween tattoos from Grandma Terry.....
 Sittin' on Dad's Harley.  He could do this all day. 
I can never get him out of the garage!
 Evan's Jackie O look....Divine!
 "Howdy pardners"
 Wearing my new yellow Frye boots!
Such a great look!
 What is this mom?  An angry birds pumpkin?

When I went to school today to pick Evan up, I heard a child crying.  It didn't sound like Evan but it was.  I just assumed he hurt himself yet again.  (Two accident reports already, but hey, he's not beating on other kids so I'm fine with it!!)  His teacher said, "The first mom got here and he just started crying."  He was crying really really hard.  I had to tell him over and over again that I will never leave him and I will always pick him up from school.  And I had a flash forward to the day when he's a stinky teenager and really won't be interested in me anymore.  Oh sure, he'll still love me but he won't have this feeling he had today for very long.
A few older boys stopped by during trick or treating last night and Evan completely took over and gave them each candy and engaged them in friendly conversation. Seriously, where does this kid get it from? (ha ha)  They seemed pretty taken with him in that "middler schooler" kind of way!  We ran into them a little later in the evening on our trick or treat path and a few of the boys yelled, "Hey, there's that little boy!"  Yep, here he is and for now he's all mine!

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