Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hockey and Sushi....

This past Saturday was spent catching up with our fab friends Tom & Kelly from Verona, WI.  (If you've heard me talk Trout Lake tales on our annual June trip, these are the peeps we go with!)  Their son TJ is a hockey player and we attended his game on Saturday.  We anticipated that Evan would love the game and be totally into it.
 Evan was most obsessed with the zamboni!  The game itself.....yeah, not so much!  Luckily he got to see the zamboni twice before we left.
I love this photo.  That's Cleo (Tom & Kelly's daughter) discussing the finer points of the game with her pal Evan.  It turns out you can play the claw game and win candy, get slushies and popcorn at hockey games!
TJ's team tied but TJ had a goal so that was very fun!  I have decided I cannot have my children in any sort of sport whatsoever!  (kidding but not really!) I'm the sort of gal who likes to know the score and check out the highlights.  Actually watching your child potentially get injured is something I'd have to get used to.  Every time a puck went near the net I was on edge.  And TJ went down for a bit after getting a stick in the helmet and I could feel my anxiety rise.  
So what goes good with hockey?  How about some SUSHI!!! This was Evan's first sushi.  Lauren had her first sushi with The Becker family too so we are like totally bonded over sushi.  (you need to say that in a valley girl voice!)
What is hilarious is the trip that Kelly and I took to the grocery to get extra steak and shrimp for the grill and appetizers and stuff for salad.  But TOM was in charge of ordering and we were we fooling ourselves if we thought he'd just get a platter!
Tom said it best when he said "It's just so fun to eat it with people who enjoy it as much as we do."  You got that right Uncle T-Bone!  (that's what our kids call him!)  We were STUFFED and delighted with the goodness!  Bengt peer pressured me into eating the very last piece.  I was full and said no way, no how, no thank you.  Yep, I ate it.  And he said "Now wasn't that the best piece you ate all night?"  And I said, "yes!"

Lauren ate her salad with chop sticks!  She wimped out on the sushi.  But hey, at least we can say "you ate it when you were a toddler!"
At this point I can't say if Evan like it or not!  I love kids at this age.  They will try anything and if they like it they will eat a lot of it!  Currently on Evan's list of weird things to eat/drink are:  coffee, tea, chai tea, mustard, frozen waffle sticks, (yes frozen!) sausages/meat of all kind and pickled herring. (yikes!)
 Fun with chopsticks!  Always a crowd pleaser!

Lauren and Cleo set up a "registration table" for the weekend and we all got name tags.  It was awesome.  This is such a girl thing!

Kelly made Lauren a birthday cake and the kids decorated it.  This was on Sunday afternoon after Cleo stayed up until midnight with the adults.  This photo was taken after Lauren and Cleo had two major melt-downs while painting the mystical horses I bought them at Saver's.  Yes, mystical horses.  Kelly said Cleo slept for three hours after we left and woke up a much happier child!
Good Lookin' Cleo!
I keep telling the kids that all these crazy faced photos and pouting and general non-cooperating for the camera are just fueling our ever-growing pile of "photos to show at your important life events."  Kelly kept telling Cleo all weekend that "you are going to be in Tricia's blog so look good!" That green hand is an art project TJ made in school.  TJ is not present in any of these photos, but this is his hand cast!

And here are the most important ladies of the weekend!  I did a little editing so you couldn't see we are sans makeup.  We were having so much fun we kind of forgot to take photos until we had been drinking a wee bit and we started eating sushi.  We both had makeup on then!  We had grand intentions of harassing Kelly's sister Nancy too because we were together and she wasn't with us drinking and eating and having fun. I think Nancy was somewhat disappointed we didn't drunk text her or keep sending her photos of our fun!  

So it all made sense to us.  Hockey and Sushi!  What makes the most sense of all is true friends.  I can't say it enough.  What would life be without them?  

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  1. Totally disappointed!!! Looks like a fun weekend though!

    Miss ya!