Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bedroom in Progress.....

Remember when I had bedding issues and told you I resolved them by buying this Lenox "Chirp" pattern at a killer deal?  Well I'm pleased to reveal the photos of how it actually looks in my space!
Here it is!
 I love Evan's little head in the photo!
The branch piece above the bed was $7.99 at a church thrift store.  Aside from the king size shams and the big tassel pillow, I had all the other pillows in my living room and was able to move them to the bedroom!  I love saving money on pillows as they are so pricey!
Oh just look at the precious little angel among the pillows!  (choke, laugh, snort!)  He's kind of a handful.  Relish this lovely moment with me.
 "Hi Mom!"
I have considered spray painting the branch thing but everyone has said they like it this way.  I'm living it with it this way for awhile.
 "I've been very good this year Santa."  (NOT!)
And thar she blows!  The big window that has never had curtains on it for six years!  Yikes!  My JCPenney curtains and rod (see here) arrived and the curtains turned out to be a big bag of some body's clothes!  Re-order!  All that space above the window is just the right place for a huge.....um, yeah!...I'll know it when I see it.  I have visions of something completely out of the ordinary.  
We have had the same furniture for a very long time and I'm still totally loving it.  That's why it pays to buy classic!
This is the chair we bought at an auction that my mom calls "the Alice in Wonderland" chair.  When we had a cat we had to banish this beauty to the guestroom where it didn't do it justice.  The cat did some minor damage on it for the few days we had it in our room.  I swear cats know when something new comes in the house that has natural materials in it and just cannot handle themselves.  It has a lovely sheen due to the silk blend in the fabric.
This is our rug, which was a gift from an auction, and the pocket door to the master bath.  Not my favorite but that whole bathroom needs a major re-do anyway and that is not happening anytime soon!
 This is the few from the bedroom door.  Much nicer when you see it like this!
 This is the view from the bathroom door.  Also quite nice.  Curtains are going to make a HUGE difference and I can't wait!  However, I will have to beg the hubs to install them.
This is the pocket door (yuck) leading to the bowling alley, I mean master bath.  Since it is just us in this space we never close the door.
 View from the nightstands!  (I don't know why I find this funny)
 Detail on the shams....
I am using this lovely "scarf" from my mother-in-law (purchased in India) as a "throw" to break up the blue color.
So I'm happy that the bedding part is done.  I have visions for lots of other little additions but the curtains will make a major impact and the way I shop (which is not retail!) unfolds over time.  So in another six years or so we should be all set!
And now I'll leave you with some inspiration.  Why is it that our own space is the last one we start working on???  These photos are all from Candace Olson.  
 Love the chairs.  So elegant yet relaxed.
 OMG.  Perfection.  I can move it tomorrow.  Look at the size of this room!
 Love the color....
 Love this window!
My BF would LOVE this splash of purple.

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