Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf Gone Wild....

My bestie and I had a little fun with the kids elf, Jasper, while drinking champagne and hanging out and relishing in the glory of the kids being in bed and the hubs travelling for work.  Basically, pretending we were ten years younger.  Man, did we rock it back in the day!  

Remember when you would go home from college over the holiday break and go out every night with all your high school friends at all the local hometown bars? Our favorite bar was called "The Oak."  My bestie Bobbi reminded me of this tonight.  They had the world's best bloody Mary.  The bar had matchbooks they gave away and the cover was purple with a gold oak tree on it.  (I think I still have one in my hoarder box of keepsake things.)  And you could smoke IN the bar people.  Like INSIDE inside.  Not that I ever did such things.

 Jasper, like any little good elf, likes a little nip now and then.
 My cousin Megan calls this one "Plank Position by Elf"!
 I call it passing out on top of the glass!
 This one is called "caught in a bun" on Bern's head....
 Plank on a bun anyone?
 Jasper got caught up in Bern's hair net.  As to why she wears a hair net, well, that's a different post!
Hangin' with my home cheese....
I know this may seem juvenille, immature and ridiculous, but we laughed our asses off at this one.
It's the little things people!
This was my little Jasper surprise last night.  I have far too many Christmas presents for the kids because I started shopping this summer at the peak of garage sale season.  I act like Jasper is helping Santa out and leaving little surprises for them.  I owe this one to my sister.  She is convinced that her kids appreciate a gift or two every few days leading up to Christmas and aren't so overwhelmed at a pile of gifts.  I agree.  Last year Lauren quickly opened up all her gifts in a frenzy and then seemed disappointed and really just wanted to open more gifts instead of checking out her new stuff.  
 So Japser cuddled up inside the sleeping bag he left for Evan and "wore" Lauren's hat.
There is just something about those eyes.  It's like he is looking at you no matter where you are in the room.  I can't decide if it's creepy or cool.  "Please do not touch me. My magic might go, and Santa won't hear all I've seen or I know."  Oh Jasper!  You won't tell Santa on us will you?  I keep telling the kids that adults are allowed to touch him and he'll still have his stinkin' magic.  GET A CLUE KIDS!  Mom makes ALL the f'ing magic around here!  

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