Thursday, December 15, 2011

Evan's Big Show....

Evan had his first big "performance" of this career today at Preschool.  His first Christmas performance! I kept asking him to sing to me one of the songs for the show but he was not interested.  That was the first sign.
All the kids walked onto the stage and found their mom or dad or grandparent in the audience and gave loud "Hi Mom!" with a big wave.  At this point Evan has not caught my eye.  He's secretly freaking out internally that I didn't show!
He still hasn't seen me yet!  I keep thinking that when he does see me he will want to bound off the stage.
I don't know why but this picture is like I'm looking at myself.  Everybody says Evan looks like the hubs, but really, if you saw my baby pictures you would easily see the resemblance.
Okay, here you go folks.  This is it.  His big moment of shakin' that jingle bell!
And then we got a little "twinkly lights" hand motion.
Here is the whole class.  Good thing all those girls got into the singing. One boy did too.  He had enough enthusiasm for the whole calss!  They held up the rest of them (Evan!) that didn't sing one note!
A little jingle bell bounce!
So he didn't sing a word and pretty much stood on the stage with his hands in his pockets.  I would share the video footage with you, but that's exactly what you would see and I will spare you!  Footage only a mother could love!

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