Monday, December 12, 2011


When a package arrives in our house it is a major celebration.  Actually, just getting the mail ensues delight.  The doorbell rings and one or both kids go running.  'Tis the season of momma ordering online so the packages that aren't even for them still bring joy.  It brings momma a great deal of joy too! The doorbell has been a ringin'! That could get addicting.  I have other vices so I'll let that one go after the holidays!
This was a specific birthday package for Lauren from her "BeBe" who self-proclaimed herself that nickname when Lauren was born.  We like to think it means "aunt" in our made-up language world.
 Look at her face!  She is giving us a big "ohhhhhhhhhh!"
Skecher Twinkle Toes...the gift only a BeBe would give.  (It is against my bargain ways to buy these babies full price!)  But BeBe usually gives Lauren anything her heart desires!
 Trying them on for size!
 Jumping to try out the twinkle!
 Keepin' it real....
 Kickin' it old school....
Love 'em!
Thank you BeBe!
(She wore them to school for two straight weeks!)
It was MUCH more fun to get a package AFTER her birthday, as with most kids, the overwhelming factor kicks in around the actual day!  I love how these look when she sports them with tights and her puffy skirt!  So cute!

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