Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Framing up the Joint.....

Last night I emailed my BF and my sister last night inquiring about what state they consider the most "in their heart" and asked all these encrypted questions of which they had no idea what I was talking about and now the secret is out after this post!  But all it was is an inquiry into a future gift from me!  An Etsy gift!

For those of you who may not know what Etsy is, it can be described as, "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage and supplies."

 These Etsy prints are called STATE LOVE....

SWEDEN=Country Love & WISCONSIN=State Love!

Blue and yellow are the colors of the Swedish flag
This is a Christmas gift for the hubs. 
(more like a gift more me and my design plans!)

I am obsessed with Etsy.  I try not to browse the site too much because I want to buy every handmade thing I see.  But I couldn't look past these.  The hubs was born in Sweden and I'm a Wisconsin girl.  You can find more of the "state love" or "country love" series in Adrienne Zavalcik's Etsy store.  She also has some great birth announcement prints that I think I'm going to get.  Check out her etsy store and see all her wonderful work!  Please note that when you order these you get an 8 x 10 print and you can pick the color of the state or country.  (frame and mat not included)
Green and Gold for Packer Pride baby!!!!

I bought some inexpensive frames at Target that came with white mats.  When I got home I realized that a white print and a white mat wouldn't be too exciting and not the look or idea I was going for at all!  So instead of returning these frames and running all around town to find colored mats and spending more money than I'd like too, I googled "spray painting mats" and read a few suggestions from people who tried it.  Well I did it and you can see my success.  I already had the can of yellow spray paint and bought the cheapest can of green spray paint I could find at Wal-mart.  I swear the cheaper the spray paint the easier it applies.  Am I crazy?
Now that the basement is finished I have so many walls to decorate and I want to put these country love/state love prints on the walls as you walk down the stairway.  I have added this print which Lauren did as a school project.  The PTA had a fundraiser and you could order all sorts of merchandise with her art on it.  (not cheap!) If you didn't order something you didn't get to keep the original art (that's how they get you!) so now I have this "official" print and the original. (for Grandma?)  I thought $9.00 was worth it to have this look so "professional."
I'm a sucker for any artwork including the kids hands!  
I had Lauren "sign" her artwork on the matting of the print.  I gave her a pencil and told her sign her name very small on the left hand corner.  Can you see that other "n" that I made her erase?  And then on her own she added some big 'ol heart.  I turned my back for two seconds!  I had to get my control freakness in check and realize how much cuter this is with her special touch and her Kindergarten handwriting and erasures on it!

So how is your Christmas shopping coming along?  Any fab etsy purchases I should know about?

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