Friday, December 23, 2011

Ikea Stockpile...

Is it stockpiling or hoarding?  I have yet to decide.  As crazy as it sounds, I braved IKEA on Tuesday just for tea lights and ligonberries!  (I was in the vicinity of Ikea and I was pit-near down to my last tea light candle) I have a method of parking on the side of Ikea where there are a few parking spots but mostly big signs that say "loading zone" for all those people who are attempting to strap that disposable furniture to the roof of their tiny cars.  I then enter through the exit near the food court and walk over to the big bins near the check out and get what I need and promptly get the hell outta there!  It's been years since I've actually been on the other levels.  This is a good thing.  Ikea has that Target way about them.....I go in for tea lights and ligonberries and leave with $300 worth of stuff that I think I need.
 In my defense, I gave 5 of these away.  (100 candles come in each pack and I got 12 packs)
You can read all about the ligonberry here.  It's a staple food in Scandinavian cuisine. We love it in our house.  We use it like jelly but have been known to put it on cereal, ice cream and especially rice pudding this time of year.  My mother has been know to eat a jar in a week.  Some of these are for her!
"Ligonberry jam has been popularized in North America by the well known IKEA superstores where it is sold in large quantities, including buckets."  : )

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