Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Vintage Love.....

For starters, I would love for you to check out an awesome blog I follow called Sammy Davis Vintage.  I found her after her appearance on the Nate Berkus show.  (I know, right?!  My dream!)  Her name is  Sammy Davis and she works in a vintage store (another dream of mine!) She shares the best vintage clothing and  labels, thrifting and Good-willing finds, and lots of Friday's she has a "gratefulness giveaway" which I happened to win a few weeks ago!  I won these items from The Paraders (they have an online etsy shop and blog!) after I cashed in my $50 gift card.

(On a side note, every time I hear "Sammy Davis" I think of the line from Sixteen Candles where Grandpa Fred says to Molly Ringwald's character Samantha, "Well, well... if isn't Sammy Baker Davis Junior."  I wonder how many times Sammy Davis Vintage has heard this!  Sorry but I adore that movie!)

Let's start with the gorgeous peacock feather and beaded vintage and SO on trend for the season.  LOVE!

And then I got this gorgeous leather and beaded vintage evening bag (or day time bag if you are into that sort of thing.  You know, "ladies who lunch" and all that?  We really need to bring that back!)

Butter yellow leather with detailed bead work.....(SIGH!)
Vintage label:  Adele Handbags Miami, Florida
This might speak to my current Adele CD obsession.
 Just look at the detail on the bottom of the purse AND a twist closure....
A HUGE thank you to Sammy Davis Vintage for this amazing PARADERS give-a-way!
I was indeed a lucky winner!
So let's get back to the amazing vintage labels and clothes I have to share with you today!  Do you remember Hasting & Smith?  I googled it but didn't get very far.  I swear it rings a bell.  This sweater had me at first sight!
Only $3.00 and a lovely holiday sweater from my favorite church thrift.  The ladies who volunteer/run the place were so sweet as I was trying on stuff over my clothes and coming to the cash register area where they have a big mirror.
When I was in middle school I remember getting a black angora sweater from the Gap that just made me so happy.  (And it was a bargain!  I've been a bargain shopper since my Mom showed me the way even way back when!) It was black with a red and white design through the top that included a big white fuzzy angora/rabbit fur bow!  Ahhhhhhhhh.  So 80s!  (I graduated in '89 so this speaks to me!)
Don't you just love the pearl detail?  And I love how it's so appropriately 80s length.  Hits right at the waistband!  Can't wait to wear it!  Now, do I go with MORE pearls around my neck or just let the sweater speak?
Another find from the same thrift store.  $4.00 of pure perfection.  It was a wee bit snug over my jeans but when I got home I promptly found that Spanx makes the world go round.  I tried to Google Wilroy and just came up with a site selling a "1970s traveler dress by Wilroy" for $26 bones.  Oh, and please note that when Sammy Davis Vintage does these sorts of "label posts" she has a full history and all the details on the label!
This dress came with a belt but it's a tiny bit small and when I got home and spanxed myself I used a wide black belt with black pumps and it looked awesome.
Pattern modern and fresh.
This is the detail on the back across the shoulders.
A real Paisley Perfection!
Now to share some of my Mother-in-Law's vintage pieces that are a sheer delight!  My sister in law asked me to hold onto to these in the midst of going through all of the clothing when she died unexpectedly in January.  I sometimes just take them out of the bag and look at them.  They are so amazing.  This is a two-piece skirt and wrap-around top.
Glitter fabric no less!
These are pieces my mother in law had from her youth.  She would be turning 66 in February so these items have got to be at least 40 or more years old!
There was no label in this one.  Funny thing is, when we were going through all her clothes after she passed, she had a habit of cutting the label out of many pieces because it was scratchy or bothered her!
This label is awesome!  My mother in law was born and raised in Jonkoping, Sweden and came to the U.S. when she was 18 years old to live with her Aunt and Uncle in Park Ridge, IL and she worked as a secretary downtown where she met my Father in Law who was working in the same building delivering mail to all the floors of the office building.
Here is the dress full on.  Very interesting.
Can't you see wearing this today with tall boots and a funky jacket?
Here is a JUMP SUIT from her vintage collection. (and my feet!)
Evan is my assistant as we show the goods!
This is the cut-out in the front. (va-va-voom!)
Cut-out and the bow detail!  
My sister in law actually wore this jumpsuit to an Abba concert a few years back!  How awesome!
This is the jumpsuit label.
This is my favorite new icelandic sweater that I got from her clothing collection.
Label from the sweater....make in Iceland/pure wool
I had to throw this one in!
My mother made this for me when I was a baby and she had to channel her left-over energy into something that made her feel human!  (or at least that's my story!)  She had knitting and bowling and ceramics.  God I love that woman!  Lauren wore this when she was two and it's in the "never get rid of these things" pile.  
This is a vintage wool robe that contains TWO labels!  
The top label says "By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen Woven in Scotland"
And "Carmel by the Sea"?  I want to go to Carmel and I want to wear this robe.  
A nice classic plaid that is so appropriate for the season!
I found this vintage kimono robe at a thrift store near Seattle, WA on a vacation many many moons before children.  I think it was $5.00!  I remember finding it and feeling like I had scratched a really good lottery ticket!  At the time I was reading a book all about Japan and felt it was meant to be.
Just look at that fantastic sleeve!
The top label just shows a village in Japan.

The bottom one says "made in Japan" 
I just wanted to share this lovely pattern on a skirt that I have not worn yet.
(killer deal off season)
Same goes for this one!
(Liz Claiborne)
(Both skirts from JCPenney)
Just loving the color/pattern/texture on my scarf hanger....
This is a scarf made out of vintage saris from India.  I received it from as a 40th birthday gift from Uncommon Goods.  I cannot begin to express my love!
I hate to admit this is my other scarf hanger.
And yet another one!  Don't you just love those old school 80s Chanel patterns with the gold jewelry?
I might have a label addiction.  Maybe you can understand!  I know Sammy Davis Vintage can!!!  How much more glam can you get than Plaza Hotel New York, Palm Beach, Pinehurst and Lake Placid Club?  WOW!
Just look at this chic sweater with fur collar?  And yes, I have worn it!  If we bring back "ladies who lunch", I can wear it much more!!!!
And I had to share this label because it gives us very little information! (
This blazer was $2.99 at another favorite thrift store.  I love the color underneath the collar and want to wear it flipped up.
Isn't it beautiful?
So now the question is what do I wear to my next holiday party?
As Sammy Davis says, "Spreading the vintage LOVE."


  1. I LOVE the Tartan skirt and that jumpsuit is HOT!! Thanks for sharing the link on my site & from finding me with Sammy on The Nate Berkus Show!
    ~Robin Wallace

  2. I would die to have that furry collared sweater. And the pearl one? SHUT IT!

    I need to shop with you. Someday...


  3. "Ladies who lunch"?? Really, you were made for the expat, get your butt over here. Bargains, sparkles, patterns, history galore, along with lunches, volunteerism, parties...I have a much busier social life as an expat than I ever did before. You would fit right in :) don't you hear India calling?