Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012~Bring it!

Happy New Year!  I'm glad to be back home after a week away and getting back into the swing of the normal routine.  We missed the school bus this morning for the first time ever! Come on!  All Christmas decorations (and I had plenty!) came down today.  I love that feeling of how big and spacious and clean and clear the house feels after all that STUFF is put away.  I'm exhausted but happy.  Every year I put all those decorations away and cannot even fathom going through all that work again!  Like birthing a baby, a need a good long year to forget the pain!

The holidays took the wind out of my sails this year.  I wanted to be present and happy but I'm not sure I was.  I did it for the kids, for the special traditions I am instilling in them.  I had moments of happiness but I think I enjoyed doing nothing at my mom's house for the week afterward.  Holidays are definitely for the children.  My mom and grandparents and relatives did all the work for me when I was young and now it's my turn.  They made everything special.  I'm dreaming of the holidays where I am sitting on the beach with a good book and a glass of wine instead of all this work!  I know I shouldn't wish these days away.  I read something the other day that said "the days are long but the years are short."  I'm already visualizing my days with my adult children and their children.  (Think Parenthood the t.v. show or the movie The Family Stone, both of which I love!)

No crazy NYE celebrations to report upon.  I was in bed before midnight and didn't even drink champagne!  I'm 40 years old, who cares!  I like to think that I celebrate the ordinary all the time.  No resolutions here either.  Just good old fashioned common sense living. Living within our below our means, cooking whole food, some exercise, giving hugs daily and a good positive outlook on this amazing life we are living.  Thank you for being a part of the journey with me.

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  1. I mentioned it last night, but I'm so glad you are home! Happy back to normalcy week to you! XOXOX