Friday, January 6, 2012

Taylor Swift, I mean Taylor Ashley!

After Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and all that lounging around and doing nothing I packed up the kids and headed to my mom's house for a nice change of scenery.  It worked out quite nicely.  We did more lounging, eating, drinking and general nothingness.  But I wasn't in my house.  And I could pop out whenever I wanted without the kids coming with!  Grandmothers are cool like that.  However, after almost a week in my hometown I was pit-near crawling out of my skin.  My friend said her serotonin levels drop after a few days.  I get it!  I get it!

My cousin Robb and his wife Shawn have two kids, Taylor and Jack.  Taylor is nine or ten or one of those cool ages.  Jack is 5 months younger than Evan and has mad skills in the speech department and is a really cool kid.  The entire weekend my kids just played and hung out with his kids.  It was lovely.  Except for my mom's rather smallish house.  And the boys yelling and screaming just for fun every time they ran into a room.  The girls holed away in a bedroom doing random girl things like listening to Kid Bop 19 and setting up stations for their American Girl dolls.  

(on a side note Lauren came home from school today and said "all the girls at school have REAL American Girl dolls" and this is what flew out of my mouth:  "OH, WHO CARES?!  You can't even tell the difference between yours and an AG doll and frankly their parents are dumb for buying such an expensive doll.  Your Tanta Tracy wanted to buy you a real one and I said no."  (SO THERE!  Nana Nana Boo Boo)  OMG.  I have got to get my mouth in check!  What I should have said was, "The people in Haiti are still F'ed and you want a stinkin' $100 doll?  Get real sweet cheeks."  Or perhaps, "Do you not understand  the state of our current economy or the unemployment stats and do you realize we are in a depression despite all those who say we aren't?  Go ask Great Grandma about that depression shit."  Or you know, something along those lines!!!)  When I wanted Zena jeans my Dad gave me the lecture about "do you know how many hours I have to work at the mill to pay for those jeans?" and he comprised with "I'll pay for half."  Genius.  Pure genius.  That man was a good one.  I'm paying it forward Dad!!!  

So back to the above video featuring Taylor Ashley and her mad singing skills!  She was singing this song all weekend and I videotaped her.  I asked Shawn (Taylor's Mom and my cousin Robb's wife) if she learned it at Bible camp or Sunday school or something.  Shawn laughed out loud and said, "Um, it's a P Diddy Song (or Diddy or Puff Daddy or whatever he calls himself these days)!  She laughed and said "wait until you hear Diddy's version because it's nothing like this!"  I googled it today and found a girl named Skylar Grey singing the intro and then Diddy Dirty Money (huh?) busting out some wrap jamz.  Frankly I might be too old for all this celebrity nonsense!  And I use the term "celebrity" loosely!  

Anyway, I think it's great that Taylor let me video tape her and she was not embarrassed. (well, maybe just a tiny bit!)  She is at that great age where she she's so matter of fact about things and getting so mature.  And just so you can see Diddy in action, I have graciously included his video!  (I know you are so excited right now!)  I especially love the telephone cord dizzle-dangling across the wall behind Taylor like we are living in some crack den!!!  It's called an old house that doesn't adapt to modern things like cordless phones and such!
Happy weekend!  It's been rough getting back on track and the kids are tired and need a bath!  Lauren got off the bus tonight exhausted.  On a much happier note, I have a babysitter coming Saturday night AND for most of the day on Sunday.  Now that is a nice weekend!

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  1. I can't see the video like bern :(

    I love that you told Lauren who cares about the ag doll!