Monday, January 30, 2012

B & W Monday....

We spent the weekend at my mom's house.  My mom was very sick with a bad cold and not feeling like getting her picture taken.  Lauren was using my scarf as a veil and "playing" with my mom's pearl crown from her wedding.  (My sister wore this eight years ago when she got married with a new veil attached.  It was perfect.) How could I not take photos?!  Luckily, I did a little photo editing and used a "wrinkle eraser" on my mom's face.  Now if it was only that easy in real life!  She was very tired and felt like she looked "a hundred years old."  Well, now didn't that do the trick?  I always say B&W makes everything look better!
Will you accept this rose?
Lauren wearing my mom's wedding dress.
My mom and dad were married on May 6, 1967.
I will blink and I'll be crying my eyes out when she steps out of the dressing room to show me the dresses she likes.  Lord, please make the days go slower.  I'm not ready quite yet.  We have many journeys left to take together before I am ready to let her go.
My mom has preserved her dress wonderfully.  All it took was a cedar chest and some blue plastic.  Some day she's gonna go all "Pretty in Pink" on this dress, and mine and my sister's.  My mom already said that she's got that "this is vintage/old/used/has a memory therefore it's special" gene.  Yep!  It's my mission in life!
Just a moment.
Friends Forever.
Sissy and Buddy.
Look at how old Lauren looks in this photo!  Precious.
Lace detail.  Simply gorgeous.
Lauren Love.
Vintage Love Forever.


  1. These photos are PRICELESS! Lauren will never forget that day, Tricia!

  2. I agree b&ws are the BEST. Love the crown:) love it!!!