Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Mom,

Last week you turned 67.  Last year you got a stem cell transplant.  We came to visit you at the hospital.  It seems like a million year years ago.  It seems like yesterday.
You wore Kerstin's scarf in the hospital.  The kids thought the sky scrapers were cool.
I just thought you were cool.
Everybody thought Evan looked adorable.  I said we were dressed for the Hampton's.
I am not sure a daughter could be more proud or love a mother more.
You came to the beach after you got home.  We were all happy.
I turned 40 in August.  You were bald and ballsy and beautiful.  
You got through the worst of it.
You were brave before the stem cell transplant process even began.  You got your hair cut really short before the chemo took it all.
I was happy to have you join the short hair club.
It could have kicked your ass, brought you down to the point of no return.
But it didn't.  You got through it.  You made it.  You did it.
You survived.  You are a fighter.
You are my mom.
You rock.
I love you.
All my Love Forever, 


  1. I completely agree. Your mom's awesomeness shines through in you, Tricia. Love you!! XOXOX

  2. Beautiful! Nice tribute to your very wonderful Mother, love you both! BeBe

  3. I can't hardly read this through the lump in my throat and the tears. Gonna pour myself a glass and have a toast to her and to you. Two of the coolest chicks I know!

  4. Tricia, this is a beautiful tribute to your Mom, I am sure she was very touched by your loving comments and is very proud of you also. Don thinks your Mom looks cute with her short haircut, especially the 9th picture (one up from the last one). Your Mom is truly an inspiration to us all. Love always, Anne and Don