Friday, January 6, 2012


The beauty of doing a gingerbread house AFTER Christmas is that you buy the kit for $5 vs. $10 at Target! 

And you also buy a can of green "easy frost" for $1 and some random red, green and white sprinkles for cheap!  They were even in containers shaped like Christmas tree bulbs! 
And since I'm up for Mother of the Year in 2012, the kids are doing this project AFTER did bottle cap necklaces!  And then later we did shrinky dinks!  I mean really, there is no competition here.  I just got it all out of my system on the very first day of the new year!  And do you see that glass in the above photo?  Tervis tumblers with a lovely Green Bay Packer logo which contains champagne.  You heard it here first.  Kid projects and booze go hand in hand my friends!
And that squirelly lookin' gingerbread man you see above?  Yep, that was me.  And a lovely little mini candy cane to greet you as you cross the threshold of the door, also my idea.  I find myself oddly into these projects with the kids once we get going.  It's probably because I'm so creatively starved in all areas except for this blog.  Oh sure, I have dreams people.  Dreams of going away on art excursions and whipping out my mini travel watercolor set and thick paper to paint and ponder the landscape.  Oh yes I do my friends.  But that's another post.
Quite lovely work from the children if I do say!
The little guys may have eaten more than they decorated, but that is the fun!
 Holy cow?!  How many pictures do you think people want to see of this?  Come ON already!
Love Dog + Gingy = Christmas/New Year Success!

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  1. Awesome! I have a friend who is sending home a kit with Nate from work today, so I think we'll be doing our gingerbread house tonight. Can you believe I've never decorated one before? I'm very much looking forward to it!! XOX