Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Wednesday Randomness....

Had to share! (Even though the Pack blew it in the end and we will NOT be going to the Super Bowl this year!) Had I known my Mom had these in her possession I would have taken them years ago!  These are classic vintage (ADORE) Packer cushions that were my Grandfather's! (His name was Evan and hence Evan Reed Thomas is named after him)  The dates on the left side begin at 1929 and end at 1962!  They are in perfect condition.  I am so giddy about these there are no words.  I am just going to keep using exclamation points!!!!  I'm pretty sure my cousin Megan and Jordan (my Dad's sister's kids) are unaware of these and will promptly stalk me/demand them!
Take your photo from this....
to this!

Another new obession:  Instagram on my iPhone.  I'm sure you all have smart phones and are now saying, "Like, whatever!  We've sooooo had that like for years!"  (Channeling a valley girl)  Well, I just got my smart phone and love this application that turns ordinary photos into vintage looking ones!  This "heart" was just a twisted piece of pink plastic I found on the road.  Remember to spread some Love today!
This is the bridge on the way to the library.  I could photograph it a million times.
The various ways you can change the look of your photo on instagram is the best.  I love this one.

And below please find my follow up notes to Rachael Ray's crockpot recipe for Thai Style Chicken:
Super easy! Just dump the liquid ingredients in and chop up all the veggies and throw them in too!  A little green and red pepper....a lot of grated ginger...some coconut milk and brown sugar.  The hubs would have liked this to be sweeter, so maybe some more brown sugar or white sugar next time?!

Sweet Potatoes!
Raw Chicken!  Yum.  
I know, kinda gross.
I mixed all the sauce around all the ingredients.
Some of the cast:  fish sauce (I already had it in my fridge), chili paste with garlic and spicy soy sauce...
Have I ever told you about the asinine way I work when I'm cooking?  I crowd into a little corner of my cutting board and it just doesn't make sense!  So when I'm done chopping and dicing I have a tiny little square  of space left!  I am not sure why I do this, but I have a feeling that, given a huge workspace, I would still just need a corner.  I use my bed pillow in the same manner!  I sleep with my head on a tiny bit of the corner.  I'm just weird like that.
Here is the best part:  The garnishes!  Lime juice, basil, cilantro and green onion.  I added some salted peanuts for crunch too.  Don't skip this part!  It makes a crock pot meal seem so much more.
And as any good blogger does, you remember to take a photo of the finished product.  But today all I can give you is this!  I will say that it was better tasting today than last night.  My rice had bugs in it (SICK) and so I jerry-rigged some couscous and it got all sticky but we made do.
This is the "finished product" in the crock pot.  You end up with chicken and veggies in a lovely curry sauce.  Doesn't look so great, but put some over a bowl of rice and use those fresh garnished and I guarantee you'll love it!

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  1. I JUST discovered the fun that is Instagram too! What's your name on there? It's how I made my little profile photo for my blog!