Monday, January 9, 2012

Now that it's all but a Memory.....

I think I might have been in overdrive over the holidays.  (Ya think?  That's all I've blogged about for weeks!  I apologize!) You know, I was just kind of going through the motions and not necessarily appreciating the little things.  Oh, I tried but I'm the magic maker in this family (all Mom's are....let's get real) and I did my best.  Now that the doggone decorations, wreaths, Santa's, snowmen and tree are packed away until next November (I will blink and it will be here again!) I can reflect and appreciate.  Below are my reflections and appreciations!  
I am so lucky that my Grandmother is still alive.  She will be 89 in February!
This is my cousin Robb's wife Shawn and her son Jack. 
I love that she calls him Jackie.
This picture makes me so happy.
 I love that Lauren wears hats.  
She got this new Hello Kitty Fedora for Christmas and wore it non-stop for days!
 I loved having kid-free nights out with friends.
Nobody loves a dirty martini more than me!
 I love that Lauren got new packs of food for her Baby Alive 
doll and fed her until her doll had a "blow out" and required a bath!
 I love that my husband is funny.
 I love that Evan loves Angry Birds.
When his stocking holder fell off the mantel and gashed 
his head (minor) the Angry Bird band aids solved everything!
 I love that my mom does special projects with the kids.
She showed me how to be a magic maker.
 I love that Lauren thinks my hometown mall is cool.
As my friend Chad called it, it's the post-apocalyptic mall.
There are like five stores in the whole pathetic place.
I love that my memories of this mall are treasured.
 I love that with some champagne on New Year's Day I can do bottle cap necklaces, 
shrinky dinks and a gingerbread house and really enjoy these projects with the kids!
 I love a road trip on a Monday for lunch on Christmas break.
 I love a good pint with lunch.
I love that little boy.
I love that Lauren wore her real deal official tiara all day.
I really do have a fantastic life.
I really did have a wonderful holiday season!