Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise Package....

On Wednesday a little box arrived on our doorstep from my friend Nancy. (She writes Everything Except Cooking)  She might not cook but she sure knits!  I have been wanting Nancy to knit me something for a long time. There is just something about a friend making you a hand made wearable. Nancy kept saying "Just go to raverly and pick something!"  Well Raverly is like a porn site for those who knit and all that happened when I went there was I lost track of time and tagged 5,000 things I would have liked her to knit me!  So finally I happened across a photo of a cool chick wearing one of those slouchy hats and Nancy said they were easy to make and to pick out some yarn.
In November Lauren and I sent our yarn selections with our friend Kelly (who just so happens to be Nancy's sister) to Duluth, MN for Thanksgiving. This was Lauren's yarn choice.  She wasn't even in on the original deal but when we got to JoAnn Fabrics I let her pick some yarn too.  I loved her choice!  I knew Nancy would agree to make a hat for the red-head.  She likes red-heads : )
For me, a non-knitter, this sure doesn't look easy!
This is mine!  The yarn is nice mix of gray and brown.  
I mean really!  Look at that pattern!  I love it!
Getting the package was an even bigger surprise because Nancy had so many Christmas gifts she just completed.  I told her that these needed to be low priority and if we got them next winter that would be fine!
Apparently Nancy's husband Nate shipped the box to the wrong address (transposed my address with the neighbors across the street) and by the time Tuesday evening rolled around she finally broke down and sent me an email saying "Are you home?"  "I can't stand it any longer!  Go check your front door!"  I bounded off the couch and found nothing!  Forty-two emails later, twelve texts, and two trips across the street to the neighbors house later and I had my package!  Whew!  All we could think of was two delightful hand made hats lost in a shipping black hole!  Nancy's co-workers said I would have to stalk people at the local grocery store to see who stole my box!  (Oh, and I must add that Nate said he was very, very, very sorry!)
Lauren LOVED her hat!  
She wore it to school the next day and said "I want to wear it all day!"
I can wear my hat fully pulled down like this...
Or slouch it in the back like this!
(I'm a hippie wanna-be at heart anyway!)
Matching slouchy hats is super cool!
And now I will demonstrate the various ways in which one can wear a slouchy hat!  I took all these photos with my iPhone. For this purpose, I'm glad they are grainy and you can't see that I'm fresh from a work-out, red-faced and no makeup on!
The bottom line is: 
We love the hats and We love you!

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  1. Yaaaaaay! They look FAB on you both!!! What an ordeal getting them to you though. LOL! Make sure to send Lauren's back so I can fix it up. Boo hoo!!!