Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T for Tuesday....

Mom was here for a week or so last week.  She was at the tail end of her trip to my sister's house.  We both got our hair cut. This was mom's second haircut since her hair started growing back! It's very exciting.  And for the record, I used that wrinkle edit on this photo. It's fabulous. I might be addicted. A little black and white, and little softening and some wrinkle editing, and 'voila!  We are sisters instead of mom and daughter!  Woo Hoo!
We took a trip to Northwestern to meet with Mom's hottie doctor.  (Well, mom and I think he's hot but my sister questions our judgement!)  Evan got to make the trip with us and before we got called in to see the doctor we had what my mom referred to as a "bagel picnic" in the waiting room.  Evan was more than delighted!  He was a very nice boy.  He can be nice when he wants to be.  We are happy with "no change is good news" in mom's condition.  We continue to be optimistic for the future and joyful that our journey has been textbook.  Sure, looking back it had it's moments, but overall we had it easy.  But then again, I wasn't the one going through it!  I was the care giver after all!  We all have our breaking points.
And now forgive me for the multitude of "fake Beatle" photos from the Brit Beat concert we went to for her birthday.  My BFF Brendan schooled me in the way of all things Beatles, John, Paul, Ringo and George.  It was only right and good that he came with us.
 This group is called BritBeat and we were very impressed.
 Paul is our fave.
 George had a thing for me.  No lie.  We were front row.

 Does anybody really like Yellow Submarine?  Um, no.
 Maybe if we smoked a big fattie beforehand!

And then it rounded out with Let it Be.
 All the guys were extremely talented musicians and had all the mannerisms down.
OMG!  Are you so YAWN right now?  I know, I know!  But what else am I gonna do with all those iPhone photos?  I created a Mommy*s Missing Pieces page on Facebook today.  Go over there and "like" me!  There is a method to my madness and when I write the book I'll give you all the credit.  I'm so overdue for bed and I just finished watching the season finale of Tori and Dean and crying my eyes out.  I cannot watch a baby being born without crying.  For one second I wanted a baby.  Then I slapped myself across my own face and snapped out of it.  As Bethanny would say, "Holy shit balls!"  

And on a final note, I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Show (Part 1 because there has to be like 3...why?)  My take away is what I've always said.  They just don't like each other.  Fakey McFakerson.  Bicker Bicker Bicker.  And why do they now have to send all the ladies from each of the franchises on a big fancy trip?  Just to stir the pot?  They can't manufacture enough drama and cattiness while in the states?  I love to hate on these shows.  But I've eliminated RH of Atlanta this season.  So if each season I ditch one, soon I will be pure again.

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  1. Yay! I'll have to check out the new FB digs! Awesome!

    Is the wrinkle edit in Picnik?

    You and your mama with or without wrinkle edit = gorgeous!!