Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.....

I keep forgetting to tell you that I made this fantastic appetizer recipe:  Pepperidge Farm Puff Pasty Loaded Potato Chip Spirals.  Super easy!  Just remember to thaw your frozen puff pastry sheet ahead of time!  I of course do not have a photo and the PFarms website won't let me share the one they have shown.  So go check it out.  When you buy the puff pastry you get two sheets.  Go ahead and use both sheets!  These are a crowd pleaser!  I put a little side of ranch dressing on the plate because don't you just need a dip?  Just in time for a Super Bowl party.  A Super Bowl party in which my team, The Green Bay Packers will NOT be playing in!  Seriously, how could we make it this far in the season loosing only one game and blow it now?  This is why I normally do not follow or care about stupid things like football!!!!!!!

Can you believe you can find a recipe for "from scratch" puff pastry?  OMG!  Kill me now.  I made Trader Joe's gingerbread and pumpkin spice muffins (from a box!!!) yesterday with the kids and had to restrain myself from just yelling "that's it kids.....get out!  Get out of my kitchen now!"  Good times with fun suck mom who doesn't want her kids baking creativity to shine!  We planned to make cookies with the gingerbread but I read the instructions for bread and bunked the recipe therefore we couldn't do the cookies. (OH DARN!)  Lauren said "Mom, why do you always jerry-rig it?"  I laughed out loud and said "Because I'm not a baker and I fight it every step of the way!"  

Please Note:  Day #17 of January and I'm still in contention for Mom of the Year!  

As the muffins and bread were baking my neighbor friend called to see if Lauren would like to go see Beauty and the Beast 3D with her kids.  Um, YES!  The day turned out to be win-win for both of us.  She dropped her kids off afterwards and Evan napped and the girls came up from the basement just once for a snack.  I took a 15 minute cat-nap on the couch and watched all my DVRed shows.  Hallelujah for cool neighbors!

Now on to other random nonsense running through my head:  Is it is just me or do you still get panicky when they ask to see your I.D. at the check-out?  I'm 40 years old and I still have that two second panic attack and then realize I've been legal for so long it's a joke that they need to see it.  And now-a-days it's not even about if they think you are legal or not, it's for the cash register/computer thing!!!!!!!  But every time man, it still gets me!  So now I think to myself........that's right.  Go ahead and check that I.D. and be amazed that I'm 40 and look this young!!!!!!!!

I'm crock potting a Rachael Ray recipe (Thai-Style Crock Pot Curry with Chicken thighs) tonight for dinner and I'll report back on the (hopefully) deliciousness. I really need to crock it up more.  It's just so easy and so is the clean-up.  I'm usually not a fan of dark meat but as I get older I realize it has so much more flavor and the cost savings is significant.  I got almost two pounds of boneless skinless chicken thighs for under $5!  

My mom's 66th birthday is tomorrow and I have a special little blog post planned (in my head!).  I have a lovely birthday dinner planned for her on Thursday night (she flies back in on Thursday) and I plan to make Pioneer Woman's Creme Brulee.  I bought those adorable little white oval ramekins years ago and I received a kitchen torch for a gift.  I'm giddy to use them all!!!  I'll take lots of photos!

Oh, and I received this Vinturi red wine aerator in the family Christmas gift exchange.  A few of my wine club gals have them (even a travel wine aerator!) and I've been wanting one.  It's fun to pretend you are a wine connoisseur and use a fancy aerator.  My BFF and I did a blind taste test with red wine (one aerated and one not) and we were very impressed with the aerated one.  I'm just gonna keep saying aerator.  I am not sure how much this one cost (they are listed at $40 on the website) but I know it came from Costco.  We had a $20 limit but I'm guessing this person went over! (and I benefited!)

And while I'm on such a randomness rant~I saw the Rachael Ray show today (never watch it) and Elizabeth Hasselbeck was on today pimping her gluten free cookbook. (have I ever mentioned that she's on my list of people I'd rather not see/hear/watch?  Like, ever?)  I have no problem with her cookbook but why do I find her so irritating?  I swear she's in a competition with Kelly Ripa to see who can get the most ripped arms and always were sleeveless to show them off.  She did every maneuver she could in her power to show off the pipes. (I think Kelly Ripa does this too)  Whisking eggs whites (flex) check.  Pointing to ingredients (flex) check.  Talk about husband and yell "score!" while flexing (check).  I'm just over it.

Then Jamie Pressly came on and I promptly fast forwarded.  (you know the woman from "My Cousin Earl" and now she's on "I Hate my Teenage Daughter"?)  I don't really know much about her and never watched any of her sitcoms.  However, I've seen her randomly enough in magazines or talk shows to know that she is botoxed to high heaven.  Maybe that's not all she's done, but she can't move anything on her face except her mouth.  And she's 34 years old!  I just googled it.  Pathetic!  (side note:  I have no idea what the pressures are in her industry and I'm very glad I never will!)

Seriously, can all these women STOP?  Do you think we don't notice?  Get real and age gracefully.  I'm not saying I wouldn't get a bunch of stuff done if I could, but the key is just a little!  (Here's my wish list:  small amount of botox, boob lift, some work on my saddle bags and thighs and that fat pocket removed on the inside of my knee, some laser facial thing to remove my sun damage on my face and all those fine lines)  But I live in the real world with my real house and real husband and real kids.  Thank goodness my parents or environment or family or genetics instilled in me a great deal  self-esteem!  When I have a good outfit on and my hair and makeup done I feel pretty good.  I still got it goin' on!  (hahaha!) And at the end of the day I know that all those procedures and injections wouldn't make a hill of beans difference.  I'd still be ME. (okay, well maybe that boob lift or thigh reduction, but......Just sayin' !!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  1. Great. Now I'm going to want an aerator. Thanks. :)

    I love this post, and I love that your daughter knows what jerry-rig means.

    Sometimes don't you think Elizabeth Hasselbeck will spit some of her lip gloss on whoever she is talking to? That or a big drip of it will fall down her chin.

    For the record, you need NO work done. But perhaps we could get a 2 for 1 (er, 4 for 2??) boob job together! And I totally agree that some of these women need to stop. Nastiness.

    Thank you for the laugh tonight. :)