Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I Love to Hate Squinkies....

Have you heard of Squinkies?  I didn't know about them until Lauren received a 12 pack of these small plastic balls with a squishy, rubbery little toy inside.  Think:  gumball machine toy. (that is the genius behind the idea) She also got a Squinkies game that resembles Trouble.  Remember that one?  
So the game is the same concept but Squinkie themed.
If I recall, I liked playing Trouble.  Perhaps I will have to play a round or two with Lauren!  
(You know, that whole "mother of the year" thing I'm working on these days??!!!)
 These guys are called "Squinkie Doos" because you can "fix" the hair.  OMG.  Come on people!  Total Troll doll rip-off!  
As a mom, this "toy" is all but trinkets and trash in my book. (Can you really call this a toy???!!!) Are you familiar with "trinkets and trash"?  My Aunt Sandy uses this term all the time and everyone in my family loves saying it!  (We like to think she invented the term!) I even have Lauren using it.  

Trinkets and trash refers to these sort of pain in the ass cheap dollar store things that kids like to collect that basically annoy parents.  As in annoy, I would mean that you find them laying around in inappropriate places in your house.  Or you step on them.  Or the vacuum cleaner sucks them up.  Here's a good example:  those gift bags the kids get at birthday parties.  A pencil, an eraser, two stickers on a square of paper the size of a band aid, a tattoo and a piece of candy.  (why do kids think this shit is so good?)  Another example:  anything from Oriental Trading Company.  This company has made a gazillion dollars off of trinkets and trash items which find their way into those party gift bags which promptly go in the garbage when we walk through the door.  Trinkets and trash annoy the crap out of me!  (It's the O.C.D. thing) 

Please note:  Squinkies are NOT cheap! Or at least in my book.  But maybe I'm CHEAP when it comes to spending money on toys! : ) A 16 pack at Target will run you around $8 but the name brand ones (Barbie, Hello Kitty, etc.) are $10.  As I google this, I find they are on clearance right here for $2.76.  If I wasn't so irritated with the mess that Squinkies make, I would buy them at this price!
And in true marketing form, the company isn't about to leave the boys out of this party!  They tout them as "collectible" to the kids so you want not just one pack of 12, but all the other themes!  (insert big smiley sarcastic face here!)  Matchbox, Cars, Barbie, Hello Kitty, you know the drill!  
 In my good mom ways, I had a sneaking suspicion that this "TOY" was in fact, NOT designed by a woman.  Seriously, my first thought when I saw these little do-daddies in the package was CLUTTER.  So I did a little research and BINGO!  I was right!  Designed by a man!  Shocking!
Here is the full story from the New York Times because I know you are going to stop everything and promptly read about a man who made his own gazillion dollars off trinkets and trash.  But I found myself rather delighted by the story and the founder.  I feel happy for his success.  
Blip Toys founder, Bill Nicholas
Blip Toys is a 16 person operation in Minnetonka, MN (I like that!)
Maybe I love to hate Squinkies because I'm just mad that I didn't think of them!


  1. I HATE Trinkets and Trash. Never heard of it before 5 minutes ago when I read this post, but you explained it so well that I know EXACTLY what you mean. And I don't even have the OCD thing going on! UGH! :)

  2. Trinkets & Trash = :) Silly bands ?

  3. HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!