Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Band-Aids and Cars....

This is how Evan went to pre-school yesterday.  Nope, there was not a scratch, bump, cut or bruise under that Angry Birds band-aid.  He. just. wanted. to. wear. it.  I'm a smart mom.  I don't mess with 3-year-old boys before noon.  We walked into school and the teacher instantly said "Oh, Evan, what happened?"  I said,  "not a thing!" 
And this CUTENESS is brought to you by Nancy at Everything Except Cooking.  She was the maker of these lovely hats for Lauren and myself and when Lauren's need a little repair I sent it back to Nancy.  She returned it AND a surprise for Evan!   She made five individual cars and attached them to the hat.  The stripe you see on the hat is actually a ROAD!  I told her she needs to quit her job and just make these hats all day long.  If you click on her blog link above she has lots more photos of this amazing hat.  THANKS NANCY!

She also sent me this magnet:
And that my friends is why I love Nancy.  She just gets me.

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