Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday....

Memories of long-ago trips before children....laughter, forever friends, tattoos and belly rings (wow!) and way too many hurricanes!
 Memories of Cafe au Lait and Beignets....
 Some afternoon tea...
 (I might be obsessed with instagram!)
 (I kind of can't take a photo unless I'm using the instagram app!)
 Evan checking out my tea...
 Evan's hands....(love)
 Tulips from a friend...(love)
 Evan's first Paczki!
 Cherry filling!
 Evan's eyes...(love)
 After school treat surprise....
 What says 'Nawlin's more than Tabasco and Old Bay???
Both part of tonight's dinner!
First step:  dip in egg and tabasco.  Second step: dip in a breading of cornmeal and panko....makes the shrimp so crispy!  (with lots of old bay) Third step:  fry in peanut oil
 Crispy and ready for the sandwich!
I sauteed some mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion and garlic (non-traditional, I know, but so good!)  then I sliced some fresh cucumber instead of lettuce.  I used simply recipes as my base recipe, but you know I like to get an idea from the recipe and change it to suit my palette!  My remoulade sauce was also doctored, but it was delicious!
 Hubs digging in...
These were my tweets tonight in regard to him:
"My husband's idea of Lent is to induldge more.  Agnostic lately?"
"Husband is prediciting in advance that he will bloated after second po boy.  Shocking."
This is me digging in...
Apparently hubs can't sit still long enough to take a good photo of me!
The excitement of the sandwiches was just too much for him!
 This was the second sandwich hubs made for himself.
He claimed the extra toasting of the bread AND adding butter to the bread "made it."
Evan digging in to the rest of Dad's sandwich.  He loved the shrimp.  
Lauren, not so much.  Since I declared that "this is what is for dinner" she ate a bowl of cereal.  (Since Grandma planted the seed in her head when she was much younger, "We don't put kids to bed hungry.")  That and buttered graham crackers.  

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