Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Kelly & Nancy.....

Um, is that a Fiestaware plate I see on the shelf????

On Wednesday nights Lauren goes to Spanish class after school so Evan and I have an hour and a half to kill while the Little Miss gets her Se habla espanol on.  This might be a bad thing for my thrifting obsession.  My BFFs Nancy and Kelly (The O'Brien sisters as they will now be referred to...) completely support my drug of choice (thrifting) and my other one (wine!) and that's why I keep them around.  We share Savers stories and all things thrifty.  (Don't steal my idea, but that is my next blog/book/great big thing in my life:  "All Things Thrifty" by Tricia.)  The O'Brien sisters also love Fiestaware.  We all just have some random happenstance pieces.  We love finding a good bargain on some random pieces here and there.  Nancy just brought to our attention that her local Duluth, MN Savers may be HIGHLY and RIDICULOUSLY overpricing things.  (things like vintage Pyrex and Fiestaware, both of which Nancy collects!!!)
Won't it kill Nancy to see this plate was a mere $2.99? No, she will be happy I found the gem.But secretly she will want to punch me. Recently she found some random pieces at her Savers and they priced them HIGHER than a brand new Fiestaware place setting at Kohl's or similar retailer!
And then I round the corner with Evan riding shot gun on the front of the cart and what in my wondering eyes appear but two miniature coffee cups and two eight tiny reindeer.....or rather saucers!
BOO-YAH!  (don't you secretly hate people who use this term?) $1.99 for each C&S baby! (Yep, I got TWO!) That's CUP and SAUCER! You KNOW I'm having my morning coffee in one of these shamrock green lovelies! So this post is for you O'Brien sista's!  I love you both!  

I recently found a super old Fiestaware turquoise colored platter at a thrift and some random turquoise mini saucers/dishes at Carson's (I sent one to each of the O'Brien sisters) so this whole color scheme must be on my radar!  

A year or so ago I found around eight Fiestaware coffee cups at Goodwill and at the time I sent Kelly an email and photo of what I found for .99 cents a piece and the email I received was both perfection and genius rolled into one.  Even now, when I think of her response I laugh out loud.  All she said was, "you whore."  OMG!  I LOVE IT!
And my final thrifted find of the night is this quilt for Evan's new big boy room.  He sleeps in a bed but it is just the crib turned into a toddler bed.  Hubs purchased Lauren a new bedroom set at auction this weekend so Lauren's current set will move to Evan's room.  It's perfect dark wood for a boy room.  So his current room, which is simply all the gender-neutral nursery stuff from Lauren has got to go! The theme will be adventure travel (think rocket ships to space!) meets a hike in Banff, Canda or a sailboat ride in Bar Harbor, Maine.  All things outdoors.  So for his bedding, you can't go wrong with classic plaid.  

At a play date today I told my neighbor/pal Ashley that instead of paying $200 for a quilt at Pottery Barn, I would just put it out there that I would simply thrift one!  Um, I might have a gift.  This was not PB but Nautica, and it had that same thick cotton texture that gets better with wear.  I'm not sure if you have been to a Savers before, but all the bedding is laundered and pressed and folded and hung on hangers perfectly.  I will  do a fluff in the dryer but even that seems unnecessary.

So those are my thrifty Mc Thrifterson thrifts for this Wednesday friends!  Nancy and Kelly~I will continue to share the love of Fiestaware finds! xo


  1. You have lost your "whore" status because you gave me Fiesta for my last birthday!


  2. Well, I can still call you a whore, since my Savers was charging $19.99 for ONE EFFING PLATE!

    Just kidding hon, you know I love ya! I just don't know how you do it! I need to come thrifting with you!