Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Night Leftovers.....

Last week's snowstorm was an unexpected reminder of Mother Nature and all her glory.  The snowflakes were so huge and falling down so fast it was delightful.  Evan looked out the window and couldn't believe it was snowing.
These instagrams remind me of the barn behind my parents house.  It was taken from my back door yet instagram transforms me to another place.
This one is my favorite.  This is Evan checking out the snowstorm.  I took it from the reflection in the stove!  I mean really?  Love!
I got a real deal holy field horse shoe at Saver's for .99 cents!  I have always wanted a real horse shoe!  Apparently the "rule" of Saver's is that if something doesn't have a price tag on it, they can't sell it.  Fortunately the night I was shopping the store was dead and being manned by teens.  Evan picked the tag off and when I got to the check out I nonchalantly said, "Oh, he picked the tag off but it was .99 cents."  Tween beat said, "Well, we aren't supposed to sell anything without a tag, but since it is such a low priced item, I'll just do it."  And, I thank you!
Ms. Thang got a new leopard print skirt and shrug in the mail from Grandma.  She rocked the all black biker look for school on Friday.  Rock on my little "mind of your own when it comes to what you want to wear."  
 The wine dressed appropriately for the Oscar Party!
A mink stole and broach!  (I die!)
 I went to an Oscar party last night.  It's a tradition.  I love getting together for some appetizers and deserts, some wine and dishing on the hair, jewels and dresses.  I rocked a ton of makeup, a gold and black Michael Kors blouse and some vintage peacock feather earrings with gold beads that I won from a blog giveaway on Sammy Davis Vintage.  The prize package was a $50 gift certificate for The Paraders.  I have this thing for peacock feathers.
I loved the Oscars this year.  Nobody should be allowed to host except Billy Crystal.  I thought most of the ladies looked good.  I know everybody was freaking out about Angelina's skinny factor.  I secretly think everybody would like to experience what it feels like to be in that body.  I know I wouldn't mind to try on "that skinny" for a day!  I also feel like she's always been very thin and just the right camera angle can make it look extreme.  I think she's gorgeous anyway you slice it.  

I am in complete "nesting" mode which always happens before a vacation.  For some insane reason I need my house cleaned and perfect so upon my return I am on easy street.  I am not sure where all my energy came from today but I did not stop.  We leave for Stowe, VT on Saturday to spend a week in the HGTV dream house that the hubs first cousin won last year.  I KNOW RIGHT?!!!!!  GIDDY.  

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