Thursday, February 2, 2012

Play Date Dress-Up....

I have a fantastic yellow sweater that I love wearing with my Gap jean shirt.
I love the snap buttons on the jean shirt. I was headed to a play date with Evan and had a crazy thought....what if I wore a SKIRT? I know, insane right?!  I'm just wild!  I'm so out of my box! 
The pattern on this skirt spoke to the warm temperature and sun shiny day yesterday.
The skirt is cotton and perfect for Spring and Summer.
I wore some new patterned tights to keep it more "February"! (ha ha)
Here is the whole look.
I had no idea it was so difficult to photograph oneself!
I even smiled for you all!
(that hose thing  you see hanging in my closet is the central vac!)
Then I got real and wore jeans to do errands while carting Lauren to and and fro Spanish class. Do you see all the smudges on this mirror?  Those would be from Evan. This mirror is really huge and my plans are to paint it a really funky color and lean it against a wall.  I've grown quite accustomed to it in my closet.  It is the only full length mirror we have in the house.
Next on the "wear cool clothes to play dates" list is that other skirt. Sometimes you just need to get out of those yoga pants and bust a skirt to a play date! My fellow mom's loved it! (they both are known to rock a skirt on occasion and I said they inspired me to wear it!)  I said we needed to celebrate the ordinary more often.  May this inspire you to do something new with your wardrobe today!


  1. I am with you, Tricia!!! I've got a whole part of one chapter of my new book on this topic! I looove skirts--for playdates and everything else too--but cannot wear them in MN in winter--not even this winter. :) brrrr.....

  2. Love it Tricia. Love the self photographs too! You looked great!! To Shannon, what about rocking long johns under a long skirt? Love a good skirt!

  3. Whoop Whoop! You are gorgeous.

    "Dressed in yellow
    She says "Hello,
    Come sit next to me
    ya fine fellow."
    You run over there
    without a second to lose
    and what comes next,
    hey BUST A MOVE!"
    (or a skirt)