Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Pleasures....

On Friday (Lauren had the day off from school) we hosted a LOVELY tea party for seven of her girlfriends and I invited the mom's for an equally lovely lunch.  It was perfection on all levels.  But that is a whole post for tomorrow.  
On Saturday evening we had an impromptu gathering of some friends.  Lauren had her neighborhood besties over and they wanted to "re-do" the tea party. Rock on my girls.  I've also decided the best time to invite people over is a day or two after you've already hosted something.  I was in party mode and had all my serving dishes and platters and a fully stocked fridge.  And being the kind of gal I am, I always have a fully stocked liquor cabinet and plenty of wine.  These impromptu gathering always work out the best and we have the most fun.
Our friends got a new puppy and they showed up with it!  I mean, a puppy at a party?  You can't ask for more.  The kids went crazy!  
Meet Rumy!  (pronounced Roomy)  Now, I don't personally want to have an animal.  Especially not a puppy or a dog (way too much maintenance for my taste, and let's remember that we recently sent our cat to live with my Great Aunt) but who doesn't love a puppy?  She was so mellow.  So un-puppy like!

And now for some instagram "Simple Pleasures"....
I got the Adele "21" CD from the library.  Now of course I know most of the songs already from hearing them on the radio, but there is something about listening to a CD from start to finish while driving in my car.  Adele is a gem.  A delightful gem.  I also have the new Paul McCartney "Kisses on the Bottom" and it is fantastic as well.  It's Paul's "crooner" CD like good 'ol Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble.  I should have been born in another era perhaps!
 A Starbucks Chai Tea Latte on a Sunday....
Just me and my girl out together for a few hours.
A Sunday manicure and pedicure....
It was a busy and happy long weekend.

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  1. YAAAY! I can't wait for the tea party post!! :)