Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Highlights...

 I attended a Super Bowl party at my friend Wendy's house on Sunday.  But more importantly, I WENT BY MYSELF!  It was delightful!  I was Crabby Mc Crabberson all week and just needed to go out by myself.  I was even excited to drive the 35+ minutes in the car and listen to music.  BY MYSELF!  Wendy always has good food, lots of fun people and more than enough wine, beer and booze to please a small army.
This is my friend Eileen's son Daniel.  He posed "Gangsta Pack" style with me!  I was NOT the only person sporting Packer garb at the party!  Pretty cool!
This is Bella Grace, Wendy's dog.  I'm not a dog person.  But just look at the cuteness!  OMG.  I couldn't resist her and her Valentine scarf.  However, Bella G was NOT feelin' me and growled at me a few times.  Maybe this is why I stick to cats.  Oh, wait.  I got rid of my cat.  (simplify people, simplify!)
 This saying can be found in the home of every wine club member!
I was almost relieved that I didn't have to fret, sweat and worry for a whole game since the Pack was not playing.  I enjoyed the Doritos commercial and the VW bug dog "getting fit" commercial.  I'm an old school Madonna fan from way back so I enjoyed Madge and her crew and the half time show.  I enjoyed my wine and food and non-kid, non-husband evening.  I loved not having a care about who was going to win the game.  I loved hanging out with old friends and meeting some new people.  Overall:  winning!

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  1. I love my pups, but sometimes I wish I could simplify! Especially last week when candy barfed huge amounts 5 separate times.... Which led to me barfing. At that moment I was questioning why I had not 1 but TWO dogs :) I envy pet-less homes sometimes!