Monday, March 26, 2012

B & W Monday...

I love a good toddler ear.  I have a friend who has a thing for baby heads....the shape.  I get it.  I could eat that ear for breakfast.
And those eyes.  They get me every time.  Even though he's a dickens.  Even though I've been more frustrated in the last two years than ever before.  But I love the little guy.  He's got these amazing blue eyes with flecks of greenish/brown around the center.  Just like his Daddy.  My Dad had the best blue eyes.
 Complete and utter sass wrapped up in a tiny little package of goodness.
If that makes any sense....
 Ah, this is when I love them most!
Pretty soon those toes will touch the ground and we will be on a new journey.  Someday those toes will touch and she will ask me if she can use the car.  Sigh. But let's not go there tonight.
Sissy & Buddy....
Love Dog 1 and Love Dog 2.
xo xo 

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