Friday, March 16, 2012

Celebrate Good Times...(come on!)

The night before we departed for our Stowe, VT trip, Mom and I busted out the bubbly.
Now, this is something we commonly do.  We like to drink sparkling wine any chance we get!  I thought everybody did this until I spoke with some friends who told me, no!  As a matter of fact, most people wouldn't think of opening a bottle of champ just for the fun of it.  Well, welcome to my family!  We do!
 Life is for Living! 
(that's a quote that my best friend BR says!)
Me and Mom.
Mom and Me.
I love my Mom.
(I spy a roaming gnome in the background!!!)
I threw in some fresh blueberries just for fun.
I'm cool like that.
Cheers to the memories of our trip!


  1. I think I need to meet you....and your mom!!!

  2. You ARE cool like that!
    Today is feeling special already, mamosas?