Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I made Pioneer Woman's Perfect Eggs.....

Look at this beauty!
PW refers to them at ihop eggs because they almost look fake!

I'm not usually a fan of a sunny-side up egg.  Mostly due to that little piece of egg on the top of the yolk that you just can't cook.  (I call it slime) I like an egg-in-a-hole because you have to flip the egg and hence, no slime!  But, I watched Pioneer Woman make these eggs on her show and you can find the whole thing here on her blog.

You basically cook the egg in a pan with a shallow amount of vegetable oil.  (I used Olive oil the second time because I forgot and I didn't achieve the same egg!)  You keep spooning spoonfuls of oil up over the white part of the egg and when that is done you do the same over the yolk.  It's pretty cool.  My kids like "dippy" eggs and I'm classic for over cooking the eggs.  If the pan is too hot from cooking the pancakes (which I do first) the whites get all crispy around the edges and the kids attempt a "dip" into the egg with toast and say, "Mom, I wanted a dippy egg!"  Well, I'd like someone to make me breakfast!!!!!
And this is how my egg was finished off:  salt and pepper and some hot sauce.

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  1. Pretty!

    That's how my mom always made our eggs too. she'd fling the hot oil over the top to cook it just a little! :)